Ho Hum, Another Forgery

The Cabin Boy™ has got an obviously forged comment supposedly from me up at The Pontificator Prevaricator (No, I won’t link to it.). He’s also included the forgery in a couple of tweets.Bogus Comment TweetCorrect signatureHere’s the easiest way to detect the forgery. Check out how my name is spelled in the clip from a real comment of mine made at Billy Sez shown on the left. It’s wjjhoge—all lower case with no spaces. Now look at the way the forger spelled it in the fake comment. WJJ Hoge—the initials and the H is Hoge are capitalized and there’s a space between the initials and my last name. If I had made the comment, a WordPress blog (such as The Pontificator Prevaricator) would have used wjjhoge because that’s my WordPress ID. WJJ Hoge is the way the Cabin Boy™ has often typed my name in his various LOLsuit filings.

This isn’t the first time that the Cabin Boy™ has been caught publishing forged stuff about me. The Gentle Reader who has been following things for a while may remember the forged Society of Professional Journalists info he published. Mr. Bill may be a forger, but he’s a really, really bad one.

Oh, one more thing … Bill Schmalfeldt is free to exercise his First Amendment right to write about me so long as he avoids defamation and threats. In fact, the more he writes about me, the bigger fool he tends to make of himself. If he had any sense, he’d … what am I saying? He doesn’t have any.

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy™ seems to think that I can’t prove that I didn’t write that comment. As a matter of fact, I can, but I don’t have to. If he thinks he can prove I did, … no, I won’t educate the Blob.

I can think of a number of Clint Eastwood quotes that could be used to close this update, but I’ll leave it to the Gentle Reader to pick his own favorite.

82 thoughts on “Ho Hum, Another Forgery

  1. What is it with these folks and forging Mix has also forged posts and my former stalker took the headers from a post I did on a yahoo group and forged a emails from “me”. He got arrested for that.

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  3. I said this at Krendler’s (no Willy, I don’t know who he is):

    So all Willy has to hang his hat on is a fake comment to his alleged “blog” and shouting like the 6 year old he really is “MOM! JOHNNY SAID HE’S GONNA PUNCH ME IN THE FACE!!!”
    Just damn.

  4. He’s been trying to get Hoge into his lawsuit. What better way than to forge it and then file it in a court document. Be careful what you wish for…

  5. This could be one of those good, old-fashioned Feldtdowns. You know, the tweet-a-minute for an entire hour kind.

    Good days, those.

  6. Gee, who is it now who put correspondence wrote he had time an money to travel to Maryland? I don’t keep his posts and avoid reading them, but that punching of “smug” faces sounds eerily familiar. If he hasn’t written that’s what he wants to do before, and I think he probably has, I presume it is the usual projection.

  7. Never say “Hecant do anything dumber than this.” Because Cabin Bay seemingly has no floor to his malignant stupidity in service to his psychopath master.

      • Oh, sure,it SOUNDS absurd when you put it like that, but William has Feldtcharts and everything!

        What could go wrong?

        • I think I will go to Milwaukee and see the presentation of these charts. I want to see the Judge be wowed!

        • Keep in mind this is a guy who keeps claiming there was a vast criminal conspiracy to forge a letter he wrote. Who spent weeks saying he’d steal Krendler’s writings, then when he did swore up and down he didn’t do it, and the whole turn-coat back story he had for it — one of his recurring fantasies — was the absolute truth. And then filed a DMCA take-down claiming authorship.

          The guy who wrote to police that he “probably” didn’t produce child pornography.

          Who forged an email then attempted to correct one of the flaws that was pointed out to him, despite knowing people are archiving everything he posts.

          The guy who posted to twitter that he wet himself, then claims someone mentioning the event the next day is proof of some sort of conspiracy.


          • By the way, who wants to bet that William is too much of a pussy to attend his own Milwaukee hearing?

            It’s how he rolls.

          • Speaking of large and unsteady, did you know that there are over 5640 calories in a 12 servings package of foot long hot dogs?

    • Yeah, producing a document he knows is forged in order to defraud the court. That should go extremly well. Hope he keeps all the originals and IP information. This should be EPIC.

      What is Orville Redenbacher stock trading for ?

      • Remember, Kimberlin hasn’t suffered one bit for admitting forgery to the court. Bill no doubt expects the same result.

  8. “I can think of a number of Clint Eastwood quote that could be used to close this update, but I’ll leave it to the Gentle Reader to pick his own favorite.”

    How about, “Left turn, Clyde”?

  9. Instead of Clint Eastwood, I think there’s a particular quote from Woody Allen that will wind up being more prescient and worth noting:

    “80 percent of success is showing up.”

  10. I wonder if TJ has already booked a flight to help William get on the bus yet. Or has Becks got this one?

    I’m unfamiliar with Milwaukee, but I assume the courthouse is further away than William’s refrigerator that he can’t walk to.

  11. anyone else seeing lots of 503 errors for TMZ, Billsez and UkuleleDave’s blogs? Is Team Kindergarten coming to the aid of Captain Shakey??

  12. OK, wait. So he’s going to file for a restraining order to get Mr. Hoge to stop doing what he’s already not doing? How’s that work?

    Never mind. Vexatious litigants gotta vexatiously litigate; the punishment is the process; etc., etc., etc.; blather, rinse, and repeat….

  13. You know, I think I suddenly see the madness behind BS’s method of moving to Wisconsin to “escape” from HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!

    It’s not enough to try to drag our gentle host into a courthouse in MD; no, he has to try to force our host to travel to WI to defend against a bogus RO.


    • I think it was more likely to avoid the eviction.

      He’s now going full Frisch, which is something he’d managed to avoid to this point.

      Maybe this will get him some help.

      • Has his group home been notified of the most recent 3 person protective order by the court? I’m sure official word will get up there that Bill Schmalfeldt just had 3 more victims get court protection from his stalking. How many of Bill’s victims have had to seek the protection of the courts? It must be over 10 by now.

  14. the reality here that Stinky is missing over there in pretendy lad is that IF Hoge wanted to “send a message” to Stinky, he’d post it right HERE on his own damn blog.
    Knowing that Stinky checks Hogewash multiple times a day, there is no reason for Hoge to go to Stinky’s fetid cesspool du jour and leave a message there.

    and not to educate the monkey but it will take a hell of a lot more than “cause I say so!!” to prove where that comment came from.

  15. Everyone is missing just how strong is the proof, PROOF I SAY, that John sent the email. The capitals in the abbreviated name. See that’s not the way John usually shows his name. If the email was a forgery then it would show his name the usual way. Does no one remember that Willie did not sign the famous letter and that it was a forgery because the signature was close to his regular signature? That was a significant advance in the rules of evidence.

  16. Mr Hoge needs to send official notice to Fat Ass to keep all documents and files related to this “comment”. Something Bill hasn’t thought of is that WordPress will know who sent that comment to his idiotic blog. And while we are sending subpoenas to WordPress lets get the info on that blog Bill started and accused the Horde of it. Bill is really bad at this stuff. With over a decade at this online harassment hobby, you’d think he would be a little better. He just sucks at everything he does.

  17. Yaaaaawn, poor Bill, stumbling yet into another court……………………………………..

    The epic crying on twitter is impressive…

  18. I have to confess: The Blob gives me a smile.

    Every time he refers to the son of WJJ Hoge III as “Junior,” I am reminded of this classic bit from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series — specifically, this exchange from The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe:

    “Yeah. Listen, I’m Zaphod Beeblebrox, my father was Zaphod Beeblebrox the Second, my grandfather Zaphod Beeblebrox the Third…”
    “There was an accident with a contraceptive and a time machine. Now concentrate!”

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