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  1. Who is John Morgan? Ratliff says that he was the initial target with their Texas operation. These guys are very well organized and plan for long term scams. I want absolutely nothing to do with any of them. I’m to D; to finish this.

  2. I would suggest that the final chapter of this saga has yet to written. When it is, Rauhauser’s attorney might have to answer to the Texas Bar for among other things,

    1) Signing his name to a pleading pledging that the factual assertions within have an evidentiary basis when by all appearances they are cut from whole cloth, and, are sourced from people diagnosed with mental illnesses;

    2) Signing his name to work product produced by a non-attorney designated by Texas as a vexatious litigant;

    3) Apparently, entering into fee-sharing arrangement with non-attorney designated by Texas as a vexatious litigant;

    4) Structuring a fee arrangement with the purpose of attempting to recover attorney fees for work product produced by a non-attorney designated as a vexatious litigant and filed by a pro se litigant.; and

    5) Asking for fees amounting to tens of thousands of dollars for each hour he actually worked on the case.

  3. Have the check held by the nearest federal marshall’s office and only to be picked up in person and only released with proof of identity.

    • I think BigSkyBob’s post is dead on.

      Regarding payment of sanctions, it is evident by what has been posted that neither McGibney nor his company ViaView can pay the sanctions. Not even a fraction of those sanctions. Additionally the amount of sanctions is out of alignment with other Texas anti-SLAPP cases involving corporations much larger than ViaView. Not just the Schulmberger decision but many others. While I believe an appeal will ultimately be successful, if it isn’t, Rauhauser and Dorrell will never collect a dime.

      McGibney can file for personal bankruptcy as of Jan. of 2016. He can also take ViaView into bankruptcy. Since there are no assets, there will be no pay out. If I were the senior partners at Hanzen-LaPorte, I would be grilling Jeffery Dorrell on why he took a case on contingency and why he is working so closely with a violent felon and rapist Thomas Christopher Retzlaff and why he wasted the law firms time and resources on a case that could never have paid out. I suspect before too long Hanzen-LaPorte will also be questioned as to why an attorney of theirs filed a clearly false document in a court case. In the tweets enclosed in Dorrell’s filing, there is absolutely no mention of his last name Dorrell. Last time I checked there are thousands of other people named Jeff or Jeffrey. Additionally, there was absolutely no mention of Hanzen-LaPorte nor any comment stating that child porn had been placed on Hanzen-Laporte servers. Such statements and evidence simply do not exist. Mr. Dorrell lied. If I were McGibney I would be referring that to the Texas Attorney General as well as the Texas State bar for disciplinary action. Lastly, it appears that Dorrell never filed a police report or contacted the FBI to report this supposed hacking intrusion and placement of child porn on Hanzen-LaPorte servers. Possession of child porn is a serious offense and one that the FBI take note of. In making such statements, I wonder if Mr. Dorrell realizes he may have opened his law firm up to having the feds stroll through their servers. If he did make a report to LE or the feds, that could result in some serious repercussions for Dorrell as it would have been done maliciously knowing the information was false.

      Were there to be any sanctions to be actually recovered, Nancy Nogg, Neal’s ex wife, by default could attach the order to direct the payments to herself as she would be considered 1st in line as a creditor regarding Neal’s assets.

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