Gone and Best Forgotten

The Cabin Boy’s™ latest blog appears to be on the fritz.deepbrainradioThe warning says the stream has failed to open. Hmmmmm. The Cabin Boy™ advertised a New Year’s program on his Twitter feed. If he was streaming live audio, that would have been a violation of the ToS of Singlehop, the web hosting service for Derp Brain Radio.


Of course, Derp Brain Radio isn’t the only defunct website the Cabin Boy™ has left behind over the past couple of years. Here’s a partial list—Dead_Sites

36 thoughts on “Gone and Best Forgotten

  1. He unprotected his twitter, and created a new, and even more bizarre site called “The Pontificator” dot com

    The lulz are now back in business.

  2. Thanks.

    We shall see how long his “less personal tone” lasts. He seems to have realized the wisdom of having a not totally batshit face to present the world, so he’ll probably be trying hard to behave. So… five days?

        • There are few things as truly glorious as when Oliver Wendell Jones assumes the bench and explains to us all how the law REALLY works. Every time he does it, I’m reminded of Lulzsuit IV being dismissed because a DUMBFUCK sued a fellow Maryland resident under federal diversity of citizenship.

          When the lulzsuit was filed, I was curious about how that works because I’m a godless foreigner and much of America’s legal system confuses and terrifies me. so I looked it up. It turned out that diversity of citizenship meant exactly what the term implies and that William has the reading comprehension skills of a brain-injured toddler. While that perfectly mirrors his temperament, it does not make for a law professor of any renown.

          Of course, live and learn, right? Not our lad, who has made several remarkably similar misinterpretations of both fact and law in Lulzsuit VI.

          A DUMBFUCK is incapable of learning from its mistakes because it refuses to acknowledge them. In his recent self-published history of his own Lulzsuits – in which he forgot his copyright counterclaim, thereby making me more expert on the subject of his deranged litigation than he is – he stated that Lulzsuit IV was dismissed because his welfare application was denied, which is true, but wouldn’t have mattered because the suit itself was incomprehensible on the matter of jurisdiction. William left the second part out.

          And that’s why he’s the greatest thing on the Internet!

          • And I hope he finds great discounts at Woodman’s liquor department, which may or may not be in scooter range, I haven’t been paying enough attention to tell.

            Woodman’s Liquor, right next to Woodman’s Legal. Family owned. Same checkout lane, actually.

          • Why are you insulting brain damaged toddlers by comparing them to Schmallmind?

  3. I sometimes wonder if he has flashes of insight about how nuts he is. If there’s any chance of that perhaps seeing his goose-chase blogging in table form would provoke it.

      • Or consciously.

        “Spending a decade of my life to make people to believe I’m a dumbass and a shithead is my greatest feat! They’re all falling right into my game plan! And by ‘all’, I mean everyone in the world. Bwwa ha ha ha!”

  4. I think it’s cute that he was saying that people were ‘attacking’ his ‘little sister’. I don’t recall anyone attacking that full grown woman but I do remember her threatening people in his name. Strange he doesn’t remember that.

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