124 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Congratulations and may you continue to be happy and healthy, and bring confusion and frustration to your opponents

  2. Happy birthday, sir! As the Irish say…

    May those who love you, love you
    And those who don’t, may God turn their hearts
    And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
    May He turn their ankles
    So you’ll know them by their limping.

  3. Actually good news, good news. By the time you got the last candle lit, the first would be nearly gone.

    Happy Birthday!

    • You do realize that every time you post something like this it makes you look like a craven coward and a sad, friendless man who has to lash out at those who have and deserve more than you do. Which, amusingly, is everyone? You realize that, right? No? Wow. Just…wow.

      You have wasted the only life you will have.

        • Oh, you mean “brave like “Hypocrisy””?

          Bill, every time you pretend that you don’t write these things…you reveal to everyone, especially–Especially!– yourself what a fake, phony, fraud you are. How sad your life has been. How little you have to show for it.

          We get one life. You have wasted yours. Sad. Sad.

          And really, let’s face it–you could use the few years left to live a better life…but that would force you to admit what a terrible waste it’s all been and it’s just easier to keep on keeping on. It;s like the idiot who tried to swim across the ocean, got half way, and then got scared and swam back. At this point you might as well keep going and get some points for, if nothing else, consistency.

          (No, I know it would be better if he did something else. Anything else. But it’s not going to happen. Ever. We all know that. No redemption for Bill.)

  4. Hope the cops don’t visit your bday pawty. At around 7:30. After claims of drunken violence against your wife. Pointing a gun at your neighbor. REally hope that doesn’t happen.

    [image redacted]

    • Alas, the Hoges will ring in the new year together as they remember another year of love and respect.

      Hey, what’s that ticking I hear over by the lake?

  5. [redacted] soiled tube sock [redacted]

    [When you were handed a dirty sock, did that free you from your master?—wjjhoge]

    [BTW, have you figured out that your comments don’t get posted as long as the sending IP is still connected to the blog?—wjjhoge]

    [Oh, and do you really prefer Chrome over Safari?—wjjhoge]

  6. Happy Birthday, and many more happy and healthy years with your family. PS I trimmed the hedges with the nail scissors, so everything is spiffy for the party.

  7. On behalf of my vast constituency, I wish you a very happy birthday and very merry new year to you and your family!

  8. Happy birthday, Mr. Hoge.

    And a big thanks for your blog, your dedication to free speech, and your commitment to freedom and liberty for all individuals everywhere.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  9. *knock knock*

    Oh, Neal’s here. Hi Neal! You can now outspend who in court? Hoggy? Perfect. I’m sure the stress will just kill him. Have fun!

    • Hey Neal, how are you going to collect your money when you have multiple arrest warrants out for you?

      I look forward to the wailing and mashing of teeth from Team Kimberlin over Neal’s inability to collect his judgement. Goose. Gander. etc…..

      Oh, and Happy Birthday John.

  10. Happy Birthday Mr. Hoge! Best wishes and continued good luck in all of your endeavours. Give it a rest Bill…

    • All that work and all you have to show for it is us laughing at the contrast between Mr Hoge’s life and yours! For most that would be time ill spent. For you, a pretty good day!


  11. *watches random a-nony-mouses flail impotently at Mr. Hoge*

    *sips his beer*

    Reminds me of a webcomic where one character was happily declaring ‘God bless us every one!’ as in the background the annoying character was getting repeatedly ZORCHED with an energy beam.

    Oh yeah.

    “God bless us every one! Happy New Year!”

  12. Hate to be late, but please add my best wishes for a pleasant recovery from the festivities and for many more for our kind and generous host.

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