Oh, No! Not Again!

I got burnt out on Bill Clinton’s sex life back in 1998 when we all still knew what the meaning of is is. Now that his wife is running for President, the Clinton family peccadilloes are moving front and center again.

I suppose there is a young cohort of new voters who don’t remember the “bimbo eruptions” of the ’90s, and they probably should be made aware of the Hillary’s enabling of her husband’s behavior. But how about we keep that as a sideshow?

There’s enough wrong with Hillary’s performance in the Senate and the State Department to disqualify her, and her participation in their family foundation raises further questions about her fitness to serve as President. Hillary deserves the opportunity to fail on her own.

After all, America deserves a President who knows what ISIS is.

17 thoughts on “Oh, No! Not Again!

  1. Well, Trump did warn Hillary she shouldn’t try playing the ‘war on women’ card with him. Guess he wasn’t kidding.

    • That’s one of few things I will say Trump is right about. Hillary cannot be allowed to play the War On Women card after having been one of its commanding Generals.

  2. I strive not to talk about politics on William-related blogs, if only because it ruins the … purity of it all for me.

    But this does demonstrate the steepness of the Republican Party’s learning curve. The last time they chose to make a giant spectacle of Mr. Bill’s Mr. Bill and the weird and wonderful places it had been, Clinton’s approval rating jumped to 72% and the GOP lost five congressional seats it should have won.

    Are they suggesting that things will be different now that the stories are all two decades in the past?

    • The only reason the Cabin Boy™ has bandwidth spent on him here at Hogewash! is that one of the topics I’m interested in is the First Amendment. Schmalfeldt’s abusive participation in the shutuppery campaigns of the Team Kimberlin brought him to my attention. I’ll keep covering him as long as he continues his cyberthuggery.

      Meanwhile, politics is another common topic here. Feel free to join in.

    • Hillary is not Bill. Bill is a charming SOB. Further, the assault should not be on Bill himself, but on Hillary’s treatment of Bill’s victims. Let a thousand “Bimbo Eruptions” bloom.

  3. I think it will be necessary to remind the electorate of the Clintons’ hypocrisy and serial lying when it comes to “women’s issues.”

    Clearly, neither Bill nor Hillary care one bit about sexism, rape, harassment or the law unless they can use it attack their enemies.

    Trump has learned this and it seems he manages to “over trump” others when they try and play similar games. I am not sure everyone could get away with this but Trump manages to play the game better than Bill and Hill thus far. Even the press seems powerless in the face of Trump’s actions.

    I am not a Trump supporter, but in the end, if it comes down to Trump vs. Clinton, I may have to hold my nose and vote for Trump. I did it for Romney (although not for McCain) and I suppose Trump could be no worse than Obama or Clinton.

    But that is the inherent problem of “LoTE.”

    Happy New Year!!!

  4. Inasmuch as Hillary Clinton tweeted,

    “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported;”

    in 2015, her attempts to silence, discredit and vilify the women who came forward in the 1990’s goes to her credibility, integrity and character.

  5. I suspect there are very, very few voters who are likely to switch from D to R just because they are reminded what horrible people the Clintons are. If they’re voting D, they know, and they don’t care. Attacking Hillary based on Bill’s activities [and her response thereto] is as likely to energize some that would otherwise stay home, and you can hope it would discourage more of her potential voters into staying home…but it seems like poor strategy to count on that.

  6. I’m reminded that Bill didn’t win over 47% of the popular vote, and Hillary isn’t as popular as Bill was when he ran.

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