14 thoughts on “Logins

  1. Huh. Cabin Boy’s got fourteen followers on his latest Twitter twaddle. New record?

    I’m not on Twitter so I can’t actually look at his followers anyways. I’d be curious to see who’s following him, aside from bots.

  2. It is usually sad to have to explain a joke.

    There is this guy, see, who says he has a sad because people express poor opinions of him. They make him so sad that he goes again and again to get more sads from them.

    I guess he’s glad to be sad so it’s OK to explain the joke.

  3. I guess the Failed Political Candidate has never, ever looked at the IPs of visitors to his own website.

    At this point, it’s clear the only thing that will get him to stop harassing people is an outside agency. Hopefully one will step up and do its duty, and do it soon.

    • I’m sure he would…if he ever had visitors that is.

      Envy green is NOT a good color for Stinky…. NOPE not at all.

    • I would add a codicil to your remark: he will only stop when it is physically impossible for him to continue. Cabin Boy has demonstrated, in the past, the capacity to juggle things around inside his dented noggin to justify his actions even in the face of reproach from all corners; he’d do it even if a court order came down on him.

        • How about TWC disconnecting the entire facility? That is their right if facility management doesn’t remove teh Blob’s internet access. Maybe that needs to be requested as part of the *next* restraining order.

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