More RICO Retread LOLsuit Paperwork

The Dreadful Pro-Se Kimberlin has objected to Patrick Frey’s motion to quash a couple of subpoenas in the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Retread LOLsuit. He also has told the court that he doesn’t think I should be able to see the motion for sanctions that he’s filed against me in that case.

I’ll reserve any comment on his opposition to my motion for my reply to the court.

He has also filed a motion to compel a response to a subpoena which he claims to have served on Aaron Walker.


18 thoughts on “More RICO Retread LOLsuit Paperwork

  1. I’m actually laughing at the fail involved with his motion against me.

    Besides the fact that he didn’t actually serve me… the motion against me is DOA because by his own admission he didn’t serve me properly. In FRCP 45(b)(1): “Any person who is at least 18 years old and _not_a_party_ may serve a subpoena.” (emphasis added)

    • I dunno, Aaron. Can we really take your word over that of a convicted perjurer who has forged documents as recently as yesterday (probably)?

    • But does it say who “may not”?

      & Hypertechnical !!!!11!!11!!!! Your reading of the rules is both frightening and confusing….

  2. “Until the protective order is modified, Plaintiff cannot violate it by publicly filing information covered by it”

    As if violating teens court orders has ever been a problem for him before.

  3. John: Additional redaction may be appropriate in the last linked document. (feel free to delete / not post this one)

  4. Heh; you are compelled to submit, but not allowed to be a party. How very statist of him; Stalin would be proud.

  5. I’m running the risk of Educating The Midget (tm pending), but 1) it’s too late in this case, and B) he’s shown he’s incapable of learning.

    This layman noted two things in my very casual reading of the documents:

    A) Kimberlin is still using his jtmp e-mail to conduct his legal business, which opens up that whole enterprise to being named a party in the suit and in any potential countersuits.

    2) Kimberlin swore that he mailed the documents to Hoge on December 28. I wonder what the date on the postmark will say when/if it arrives at Stately Hoge Manor?

      • Attorneys & Rocket Scientists are too dumb to understand the brilliant and marvolous legal maneuvering by the Pedo Se’. As he likes to brag, he has filed over 100 legal actions and he is self taught with the help of a Federal Correctional
        Facility’s massive law library.

        As the Cabin Boy has told us many times, HOGE NO LAW, KIMBERLIN KNOW LAW.

        LOL, Ha Ha Ha, ROFLMAO

  6. “Hoge is not a party to this action so Plaintiff is not required to serve him anything….I certify that I mailed a copy to William Hoge…this 28th day of December 2015.”

  7. I liked the fact that Kimbergarden wanted the court to order Mr. Hoge to show up and testify about a motion, without being allowed to see the motion beforehand. Tricky move.

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