7 thoughts on “Logins

  1. Cousin Bill ejaculates:

    “In other words, my long list of crimes is actually a very short list, all tied to something I allegedly did to Lee Stranahan[…]”

    Nope. That’s not true. Not even close.

    And we’re under no obligation to spell it out for you, my dimwitted relation.

    • Actually it’s been spelled out for him in detail several times. He just ignores it so he doesn’t have to admit the things he’s done.

  2. ….and Lauen, Connie, Collette, Mandy, Sue Breitbart, Mrs Malone, Robin Causey, Erica, Tory, Haley, Mrs Walker, Mrs McCain, Asheterah, Dee, Dianna, The Widow Heather, a sweet ten year old in a picture, Nancy, her sweet daughter

    • …..and I’m sure there are plenty more we don’t know about. There is no way he only just started acting like this in the last four years, unless there is a relatively new mental disease process which requires either more treatment than it would seem he is receiving or/and a keeper to make sure that he stays off the internet.

      But if only from his own writings on XMFan, I think we can rule out a recent change in personality.

      • And, up until now, I’m sure Billy’s bullying has served him well. Well, until he met a pack of BIGGER bullies!

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