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It’s that time of year again when the Top Ten Lists for the year in review get published, so here’s TKPOTD’s list of the Top Ten Team Kimberlin Stories for 2015—

10. The Cabin Boy™ Sues As A Pauper

The Cabin Boy™ filed a total of four LOLsuits during 2015. He filed the first of the two federal LOLsuits claiming that he was a pauper in February. We’ll discuss his second federal case in more detail closer to the top of the list. For now, let’s consider what happened when he tried to plead poverty in the first case. I immediately filed a motion with the court pointing out that the Cabin Boy™ had more income than allowed for pauper status and that he had misrepresented his income to the court.

* * * * *

Originally Posted on 18 February, 2015

In Re a LOLsuit

Case dismissed!

* * * * *

The Cabin Boy™ almost got away with pauper status in his second federal LOLsuit, but we’ll talk about that further up the list.

9. Breitbart Unmasked Doubles Down on Defamation

In March, Brett Kimberlin filed a false peace order petition against me on behalf of a member of his family. Unsurprisingly, Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Boy Unread published multiple false stories on the matter. When the denial of that petition was appealed, there was more false coverage from BU. When false criminal charges were filed, still more lies were published.

* * * * *

Originally Posted on 14 March, 2015

Turning Brett Topsy Turvy

Here are some tweets that Brett apparently found on Topsy that he introduced into evidence during Friday’s peace order hearing.perjury1

Here’s a cleaner view of what the first two look like when one does a Topsy search of daughter from:wjjhoge.TopsyTweets

The sharp-eyed Gentle Reader will have notice that there is a cursor sitting on the 2 years ago button for the top tweet. Clicking on it shows this—

ClickOneThat reveals that the original tweet came from Patterico and that I retweeted it. That is consistent with what is in my Twitter timeline.MyTLOneClicking on the 2 years ago button for the second tweet, reveals this long thread—ClickTwoAClickTwoBAgain, this is revealed as another retweet. The original tweet was from Lee Stranahan. (BTW, notice that Kimberlin closes out the thread by whining about the comments that were made.) And again, this is consistent with what’s in my timeline.MyTLTwoWhile there is no proof (yet) that Kimberlin knowingly misrepresented his evidence to the court, it is clear that it was not what he purported it to be. This creates three issues for The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin.

First, what is his culpability for proffering false evidence to the District Court during the hearing?

Second, since his evidence is no good, what impact would that have on a possible appeal?

Third, since the facts support my refusal to authenticate the tweets as mine and my denial of posting a comment to the Gazette article in question, … oh, I think I’ll let him puzzle over what the third issue is. Matt Osborne should contemplate it as well.

* * * * *

Even after evidence was published showing how Kimberlin has forged evidence, Bunny Boy Unread doubled down and stood by its false stories.

Tomorrow, we’ll consider items 8 and 7 on the 2015 Team Kimberlin Top Ten List.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Mr Hoge– It might be time to put these bastards on display for the whole world to see. Let anyone searching for information about Brett, Bill or any other member of Team Kimberlin read the disgusting comments, tweets and emails they send you. Put them on a separate blog site with the appropriate warnings and release the 100% unredacted filth from these slime merchants. I’m sure we could get it to show up on Brett’s Google search results, maybe even page 2 or 1. The public needs to know just who these men really are.

    • I’ve considered that from time to time, but I’ve thus far always come to the conclusion that buying them the extra bandwidth to broadcast such filth isn’t worth the expense (of time or money). OTOH, letting the redacted stuff through provides an opportunity for Lickspittles to laugh and point without causing excessive pixel pollution.

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