For most of this year, I’ve been allowing almost all of the off-color-to-obscene harassing comments to Hogewash! through moderation, but I’ve been redacting things that don’t meet my editorial standard for propriety. A significant portion of the redacted comments are addressed to Mrs. Hoge or are about her. Quite often they deal with her bout with cancer, suggesting that her case is terminal. One received less than a hour ago suggested that this would be our last Christmas together.

That may be. After all, none of us get out of here alive, and given my problems with cardiovascular disease, I’m a prime candidate for a heart attack. Indeed, with Mrs. Hoge’s progress moving into remission following her round of IV chemotherapy, she’s very likely to outlive me. For now, we both seem healthy enough. With luck, we’ll share many more years together. If not, we will have had a great life together while it lasted. We’ll take what comes.

It’s really quite sad to read these comments. They don’t hurt me—they’re clearly from hurting men who have suffered deeply from failed relationships with women. It’s all so pitiful.

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  1. They are men filled with hate & insecurities who have most likely failed in life. Just imagine the type of person who: 1) allows this type of thought into their mind and 2) feels the need to share it and 3) actually writes in a message and sends it to a complete stranger. And on all days of the year, they pick Christmas to send it to you. As a person these men disgust me, but as a Christian I pray for them.

  2. I’m very sorry to hear that you have to suffer such abuse.

    But I suppose we should not be suprise given the horrific crimes that are regularly excused by certain people this blog writes about.

  3. Everyone has a purpose in this world.

    Fortunately, Our Gracious Host is blessed with a cadre of self-hating enemies so desperate to wave their king sized crying towels and scream “PITY ME!” in his face that he cannot but be glad to be reminded how tremendously fine his life is compared to the wasted existence of those who obsess over him.

    These fools are fulfilling their purpose is Bad Examples of How To Live.

  4. Sad little people with sad little souls writing their sad little comments trying to fill their sad little lives. They would be much better served by repenting their sins and trying to lead lives of service to others. We can only hope and pray for them but only they can actually turn their lives around.

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  6. Remember the penalty for being such people: They have to live with themselves and/or associate with others just like themselves. I know that seems harsh, but it is just.

  7. WJJH you and your wonderful Wife WILL have many more years together as you both are in our prayers.

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