Some Interesting Factoids

Since the turn of the century, the death rate from automobile accidents has been reduced so that cars are now used to kill people in America at about the same rate as guns. (Watch the bewilderment on a progressive’s face as he tries to process the idea that cars are just now becoming as safe as guns.) Unfortunately, the death rate from drug overdoses has roughly doubled and greatly exceeds the rate for either cars or guns.

More data here.

5 thoughts on “Some Interesting Factoids

  1. Cars and guns kill less people than drugs? Uh huh. Sure they do. if that were true, it would make no sense to ban firearms and legalize drugs. I mean, that would be very nearly bass ackwards!

    • Firearms are representative of independence. If you have guns you don’t need a government to protect you (as much).

      Drugs are an escape from reality.

      Is it any surprise that progressives love drugs and hate guns?

      Also, their fathers probably owned guns and told them not to use drugs. Progressivism is nothing more than adolescent ideas of independence.

  2. Guns don’t kill people. Cars don’t kill people.

    People kill people. People selling and using drugs kill a lot of people.

    Maybe we should ban people who use drugs first and see how that works out.

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