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The Cabin Boy™ has had a rough time of it for the last few days. @DeepBrainRadio, @DeepBrainMedia, and @WaroftheWeasels all bit the dust rather quickly, suspended by Twitter.

I, too, had three accounts suspended in rapid succession earlier this year when I was falsely accused of engaging in targeted abuse. My @wjjhoge account was restored, and Twitter apologized for the suspensions after the Montgomery County State’s Attorney threw out the bogus criminal charge brought by the same persons responsible for the suspension.

gas_stove_burner_s1I doubt that the Cabin Boy™ will ever see any of those suspended accounts restored. I also suspect that he’ll soon be back on Twitter engaging in the same sort of cyberthuggery and that he’ll be suspended again. And again as the cycle repeats. For a while yet. Be patient.

In other matters … it looks as if the next few days will be a very busy time.

Stay tuned.

11 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Santa is coming this week to bring lots of presents for Team Free Speech.

    For Team Kimbergarten, something that will expand their carbon footprint substantially.

    Merry Christmas!

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  3. Someone is blubbering on his blog – beating what I hope is his chest, and sending what is left of his self respect down the memory hole where most of that writer’s work seems to go

    but it isn’t stalking, cause the writer said so

  4. Okay, all this time I thought we were talking about an electric stove, or even an old cast iron pot belly. Now you tell me it’s gas! Gods of the copybook headings indeed.

  5. 6 orders by Judges
    1 order by a Federal Judge to remove materials from the internet
    3 suspensions by Twitter in less than a week?
    1 cancellation citing the magic worlds “child Porn” as a “possible” reason to permanently take all his emails away from him forever on that Account (Does Microsoft have good lawyers? Do they know who they were messing with?)
    382 possible violations of the Hatch Act in one year alone on XMfan
    25,000 plus comments on XMfan some pornographic in nature
    Fired from multiple online publications
    Wonder if this is relevant?????

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