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Gourmet PopcornLast week certainly has some interesting developments, and I’ve been assured that the coming week will also have some interesting moments.

So sit back and enjoy the proceedings. And why not treat yourself to some gourmet popcorn? Click here to order a variety pack of ten delicious types, including Orchard Blossom, Wisconsin White Birch, Sunset Fire, Savanna Gold, and High Mountain Midnight Popcorn.

Meanwhile, tick, tock.

11 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. So how do I make sure you get credit if I’m shopping on my phone? Click the link (which opens the app) do my shopping, and checkout? What if something is already in my cart? Do I need to remove and re-add?

    • If you go to Amazon via the link on the Home page or directly from a the link on this post, I’ll get credit for anything you buy that was selected during that session. If you do a drop and add during that session, I’ll get credit for those items too.

  2. Has anyone actually tried any of those gourmet popcorn varieties? They seem to be all the rage now (and no, that’s not some subtle underhanded jab at TDPK, I see it in many other unrelated places.)
    The price seems high, but I was wondering if it’s worth upgrading from ye olde bag of cheap popcorn every once and a while.

    • I picked up some of this very stuff at the grocery store today, I’ll let you know.

      One of the weirdest grocery trips ever — and this was a trip to Jungle Jim’s, one of the weirdest grocery stores around. They were shooting an episode of “90 Day Fiance” in the store.

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