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Velvet Revolution.US is the 501(c)(4) not-for-profit run by Brett Kimberlin. Its website is velvetrevolution dot us. Here are the “Featured Posts” shown on that site’s home page.VRUSfeaturedpostsNot a single one of those posts has had a comment. Not one. The Bush-era torture post has been up for over a year. Not. One. Comment. That should give the Gentle Reader an idea of how effective Kimberlin’s real world outreach is.

By contrast, last week was a fairly average week for traffic here at Hogewash!. 352 comments were posted to last week’s posts—mostly by the Gentle Readers, but a few by anonymous insult cowards. One post had 46 comments. BTW, fewer than 2 percent of this blog’s hits result in a comment. It’s likely that Hogewash! has more comments each week that all the Velvet Revolution.US sites combined have hits.

It seems that the modest success of this part-time blog compared to his failure at Internet outreach is real burr under Kimberlin’s saddle, and his butthurt seems to be reflected in some of the claims he makes in his LOLsuits about how the use of his name and likeness are responsible for this and other websites success.


10 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I don’t understand. If our host is becoming rich off of BK’s name and likeness … why isn’t BK?

    • Kind of insulting to connect Sawed-Off with Rick Moranis, to be honest.

      Moranis semi-retired from acting when his wife died so he could make sure his kids would grow up with at least one parent. That’s a serious, responsible commitment, and a lot of folks have intense respect for him because of it.

  2. He could try publishing honest accounts of everything he was convicted of, not pretending he’s been “secretly exonerated”. He might actually get some hits!

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