On Redacting Documents

It has been the editorial policy here at Hogewash! to redact certain personal information from documents published on the site. Any personal identifying information or images of a minor child are redacted. Home addresses, personal email address, IP address of personal accounts, and personal telephone numbers of private individuals are redacted. Business contact information is not usually redacted but may be on a case-by-case basis.

Effective 1 January, 2016, contact information provided on public documents of plaintiffs or petitioners in legal actions will no longer be routinely redacted from publicly available court documents but will be treated as if it were business contact information.

8 thoughts on “On Redacting Documents

  1. What about when the plaintiff is someone with whom you are in sympathy? Like, for example, a pro se normal person suing a dread pro se person?

  2. You have been very scrupulous in this regard. I would say over-scrupulous. And having a policy of redacting personal information of defendants from copies of public records shows a continuing high regard for people’s privacy, a regard quite superior to that shown by the morally preening professional media.

    Kimberlin et al. have undeservedly benefited from your past restraint.

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