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When the next edition of Black’s Law Dictionary comes out, the editors should put a copy of this next to the definition of overbroad subpoena.

BTW, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s subpoena served on me in the same case was also overbroad, but I didn’t bother objecting because I didn’t have what he was fishing for.

22 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • I’m pretty sure that nobody would respond to a subpoena for a large quantity of e-mail by printing all the e-mails out on paper, unless they happened to be running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

  1. The little child molest or didn’t realize he would have gotten a substantial bill for that subpoena obviously. But of course, no judge would ever permit that dubpoena.

  2. “All emails stored on your servers…”

    I’d comply to the letter and turn over all emails stored on MY servers for my gmail account… a grand total of 0… that’s kind of the point of a web-based email account isn’t it?

  3. Probably cheaper for Google to just hit search, then send the file in. Compared to even having a discussion with a lawyer about if the request is over broad. Whats the going rate for emails these days, $1 per item turned over.

  4. It’s addressed to Google.

    But the Production box is not checked.

    I wonder if that’s why the clerk didn’t sign and date it.

    • Seems to have the same problem with checking the box on green cards for some reason. What is it with this guy that he JUST. CAN’T. FOLLOW. RULES?

      After all, laws ARE for the little people, right? 😉

    • It would seem intuitively obvious that the list

      “1) Gail Schmalfeldt”

      would suffice. Any additional names would be icing on cake.

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