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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has sent the following letter to the judge in the Kimberlin v. Team Themis, et al. RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit—

Other than noting that it is an improper ex parte communication with the court, my reaction is so what?

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  1. He was not called to testify, and no one would ever call him as a witness rarely on his information. it is highly doubtful any contact from kimberlin sparked, promoted, or aided any investigation.

  2. The FBI really wanted hearsay from a convicted perjuring parolee in court, huh? I’ll bet they wanted a pony too.

  3. So, they didn’t call Brett to testify, and the guy was still convicted.

    Apparently, they didn’t need his help. Sure does seem like Brett thinks he’s more important than he really is.

  4. So he verified that despite his hubris, the FBI and Attorney General determined his info irrelevant and/or contirived.

  5. There is an alternative explanation: someone bamboozled Kimberlin out of a bunch of money (through one of his “non-profits”) for some spurious information that even the FBI (famous but incompetent) realized was worthless, and Kimberlin still hasn’t figured out that he was ripped off.

    • This explanation is backwards. Remember, the disgusting pedophile Brett Kimberlin is also a scammer, and his charities are scams, and his “bounties” for information are actually fundraising scams. When he’s not suing people for telling the truth, or when he’s not murdering grandmothers for interfering with his child molestation, Brett is constructing lies that are hoped to attract a big donation from an unwary wealthy person or “big fish.” Part of his strategy to do this, is to repeatedly fake having useful and correct “inside info” about amazing conspiracies.

      While I don’t personally appreciate the parasitic nature of this way of making a living, I think I might prefer he spend all his time working on such scams rather than preying on minor girls.

      • I think Jeff might be onto something.

        Yes, he’s running scams – but he’s also often taken in by them. (Look at TK.)

        We know at least one rather unscrupulous sort that for a while was on the payroll for sure, and the indications are there of others…

      • His m.o. Which he is bold enough to share with a judge, because he leaves off telling a complete history of his career in scammery.

    • No, because those “reward offers” would require funds, and if paid out, would appear on the 990 for that year.

      I have found no sign of reward money in the quantity promised either raised or paid out by any Kimberlin “charity”.

      I think of it as a very interesting item, these promises of extravagant offers of rewards, and nothing with which to pay them.

      • Ah, there is no “quantity promised” at any of Brett Kimberlin’s websites. All the rewards are “up to X dollars.” A single dollar suffices.

  6. He could save a lot of time by simply writing:

    Dear Judge Hazel.

    If you haven’t figured it out, I’m a complete dumbass. But I wanted you to know that this one guy was convicted of a misdemeanor because of the help I was going to give the FBI until people on the internet found out who I was. And because, aliens. Also, I write music and stuff and it’s on youtube. Feel free to listen and give me a thumbs up.

    Yours truly,
    Brett “Pedobomber” Timberland.

  7. If you notice the exact formulation was, “The FBI told me I could be called to testify about it [‘information received from whistleblowers.’]” Brett Kimberlin is trying to imply to the court that he was a potential witness at that trial. He wasn’t. Brett Kimberlin has no eyewitness knowledge of any the alleged events whatsoever. All that he had to offer was hearsay.

    That is, unless, the FBI felt it had an obligation to disclose to the accused the fact that the witnesses again Don Blankenship may have been given a financial incentive, or actual financial reward, for testifying. In that case, Brett Kimberlin would actually be a witness for the defense. His sole purpose in testifying would have been to impeach the credibility of the witnesses against Don Blankenship. Why would Don Blankenship feel compelled to suppress that testimony?

  8. “Blah blah blah, I like to think I’m very important even though I am a perjurer and know that my testimony if I give one is irrelevant in a court of law. So I never got called to testify in the end because the FBI found out who I was and what kind of scumbag I am.” – Brett Kimberlin

  9. If the FBI and the court and the prosedcutor and the newspaper reporting it won’t buff up his ever so important self image then he is just going to have to do it himself.
    Now JTMP or HIVAIDS or whatever scam op he has running will use the letter as an official notice of how very very important he is.
    And nobody else gives a damn.

  10. Ummm,

    The FBI, intake office would have required Brett to come in, in person write and sign under perjury and they would want the names and locations of the Whistleblowers to actually interview them. Oh, and then who does and doesn’t testify is up to the US attorney for the district in which a crime occurs, eh, not the FBI

    Saw it on a cop show once.
    -Giving false and misleading information to the FBI is a crime, ask Martha how that turned out for her

  11. I would love for the judge to put Brett under oath and find out all about these “whistleblowers” and who he paid money to. I’m sure it’s all well documented on his 990’s right?

  12. What “whistleblower” would contact BK? How would said “whisteblowers” even know to talk to BK? Sounds fishy from the get go

    • More importantly, WHY would a whistleblower come to some unrelated charity to tell their tale? Rather than, you know, go to the people who could actually take nefarious deed-doers down. Like the FBI. SMH

  13. Brett’s letter to the judge is simply code for this:



  14. Maybe he can send a subpoena to the FBI agent in charge of the investigation to testify on his behalf in these suits.

  15. I find no evidence in VRUS’s 990 that BK is an employee. A director, yes, but he received no salary or benefits that appear on the form. Hmmmm.

  16. Off the top of my head, I can’t even count how many scammy rewards and whistleblowing stories there have been since he got out of prison. His voting machine film flam, His Mike Connell nonsense, before and after his death, the recent bogus Orca-stoppage reward (gracefully and conveniently declined by the stoppers), I’m sure there are many more.

    • Oh, how could I have left off the stop the chamber reward/whistleblower stuff.

      Which one of his scams involved brett claiming to receive sooper secret phone calls transmitting important deep throat whistleblower info by means of strange whistles and clicks? I can’t even remember, they all start to,blend together for me after a while.

      I remember reading that bit, thought and thinking kimberlin the most shameless conman ever or certifiably kooks. But by now we all know to embrace the power of “and”…

    • I’m sure there are many more.

      Yes Kimberlin publicized some other scams not mentioned here.

      I believe what happened is that he’s occasionally gotten some interest from rich people and he really wants to dupe some more fools. With an election year coming up, I’m quite interested to see if he cooks up a new childish story; as I said before, I actually rather him running parasitic scams like this rather than him molesting children so if he devoted a lot of his time to such scams, it may be preferable.

  17. I think it is something different.

    It is tribal signalling.

    A reminder that he is of the Left. He wanted to take down an evil 1%-er CEO of a [b]DIRTY COAL[/b] company who headed an organization that bankrolled EVIL Republicans like Mitt Romney – in fact, he claims to have started the ball rolling on it.

    It is a message, I am useful on your side, and you need to let me keep doing what I am doing.

    • I think if the Left wanted him to stop what he was doing they could probably stop him.

      They don’t. The Left loves them some terrorists. Makes them feel powerful. They love Bill Ayers. Because he actually is dangerous and killed people.

      I doubt that BK believes that he is getting his ass kicked in court. Hasn’t cost him much. And he has managed to irritate people on the Right.

    • You answered your own question there Dave. Seems a bomb-maker might have some insights into an explosion.

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