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    • The problem being that Hillary is fully behind this kind of bullshit. You think Obama isn’t? (And while they might not use such technology to protect people from butthurt, the GOP would be happy to use it for other means.)

    • Welcome back, Padre!

      And remember, kids! Dr. Mike is your go to guy for anti TK snark; Dr. Dan is not me, is new, and briefly became Fr. Dan to mock Paul when he posted pics of his first snowfall. Sorry, I forget which site, I think either the artisan craft blog or BillySez, a couple weeks back.

      We now return you to your regularly scheduled social commentary.

      And I do mean, welcome back, good to see you around.

      • I’ve always been here … lurking in the background, only rarely coming forward to make a comment or share an event … Mockery bothers me not, for mockery because of Him whom I serve is indicative of effect … that my faith and service discomfort them so that their sinfulness causes discomfort to their life … Through that, I pray they may be led to redemption in Christ Jesus. I am but an unworthy servant of my Master, our Triune God. May Jesus Christ, the Son of God, have mercy on me, the sinner!

    • I think some people at BunnyBoyUnread could give them a head start…

      On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 10:09 AM, hogewash wrote:

      > BusPassOffice commented: “I want the google maps car to spot and document > pedophile basements”

  1. This is a real threat. Suppose Facebook and Twitter and Google decide to ban certain sites, words and people? They have the technology to do it, and once they do, certain people and ideas are completely locked out of the public discourse. It has already happened to “Guns & Ammo” on Facebook.

    It won’t take much prompting from government for left-leaning cyber-vigilantes to shut out ideas that are aren’t “safe,” e.g. ideas they disagree with.

    What happens if WordPress decides you are a racist or homophobe or islamophobe and shuts down the gentle host? It has already happened to his twitter accounts.

    Is it time to start looking for conservative alternatives to wikipedia, facebook, twitter and other communities? They exist. We may need them sooner than we think.

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