Today’s Docket

There is a hearing in St. Charles, Illinois, this morning on a petition for a no-contact stalking order against Bill Schmalfeldt.

UPDATE—Since the Cabin Boy™ has logged into Hogewash! from Milwaukee at 9:21 CT this morning, I assume that he has failed to appear at his hearing. I’ll post more information as it becomes available.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE 2—The hearing was postponed because there was no proof of service on Schmalfeldt. The new hearing date will be on the 22nd. The temporary protective order has been extended until the next hearing. The Sheriffs will have one more opportunity to serve the Cabin Boy™ and provide proof of service. If they fail, Mrs. Thomas will be entitled to a new hearing date and she will be entitled to alternate service by a public announcement.

15 thoughts on “Today’s Docket

  1. what? Not again! Surely this must be more forged evidence against the rubble master of Beirut!

    Man belongs in prison

  2. Got any login data that indicates he was anywhere but home last night?

    My logs say he was comfy in the Mangina Cave.

    If he’s gonna make it to court on time, he should have made it an overnight trip.

    Maybe sissy is playing chauffeur today. Or maybe the Pedobomber made a special trip with the gold Prius!

  3. He was obviously aware of the order and the notice of hearing. According to his excellent friend, HE HAS BEEN SERVED.
    It’s hard to see how such a homebody avoided it, except by refusing to open the door or accept his mail.

    • Worth noting is the insistence that Mr. Hoge “lied” to get a peace order (by correctly pointing out that it was easy to change twitter logins, when Schmalfeldt only had something like 20-30 known handles at that time), yet at that hearing, IIRC, claimed to be unaware of the no-contact demand that he had quoted and ridiculed.

      Also that people who have refused to buckle to his lawfare had the temerity to do things by the book.(like accept incorrect service).

      Another ACME LAW success story !

  4. Well, it looks like he has learned it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to open it and remove all doubt. He played dumb and didn’t get into further trouble, unlike my hearing where his “statement” likely made things worse.

  5. Witless Willie should be OK for another month if he just stays in his apartment all the time. No telling where a process server may show up.

    • I would think the nuns running the facility ought to be made aware of what has happened. Willfully refused to the open one’s door knowing that a process server is coming could reasonably be construed as obstructing justice. If such behavior persists, the nuns could simply open the door for the process server. In any case, a failure to answer the door should certainly trigger a wellness check. It is not like Bill Schmalfeldt has a life that takes him away from his computer.

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