San Bernardino

The dust is beginning to settle, but the real motivation for the shooters is still unknown. The LA Times quotes the FBI as saying,

“Is this a terrorist incident? We do not know,” said David Bowdich, assistant director of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office. He later said that terrorism had not been ruled out as a motive.

The New York Times quotes San Bernardino Police Chief:

The police chief added that explosive devices were found at the scene of the shooting, the Inland Regional Center. They were later detonated by the authorities.

Chief Burguan said the police still had not determined a motive for the shooting. Investigators were interviewing several of the couple’s relatives.

“We have not ruled out terrorism,” he said, noting that there appeared to be some level of preparation involved given the weapons and bombs.

Whether or not the shootings get classified as terrorism, we have an organized mass shooting carried out by more than one shooter. The only comment I have about the incident is that it occurred in a gun-free zone in one of the states I predicted would see such a shooting—one of the states shown in yellow.RightToCarry2015

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    • Oh just one other fact. Who else uses a gopro camera to video their carnage?
      Why would a person do that?


      Oops just can’t figure out the ineffable knowledge.

  1. Until there is evidence otherwise, I am going to go under the assumption that this was similar to the “going postal” incidents of the 1980s and 90s. He gets upset and storms out of a party? Then comes back and shoots it up? Yeah, going postal IMO.

  2. You all forgot that President Obama and Bernie Sanders already covered the real reason for all this terrorism, Climate Change. Thank God they are meeting in Paris and rebuking the terrorists with a pact on robbing us all I mean coming up with solutions.

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