8 thoughts on “San Bernardino

  1. -Sarcasm On-

    Are you really going to pass up politicizing a tragedy and not join the blame White Men, NRA, Christianity, Republicans, Tea Party before Facts come in? What kind of blogger are you?

    -Sarcasm off-

    • Hey, at least El Presidente is smart enough not to travel to a foreign country where a mass shooting just happened and claim that mass shootings only happen in America!

      Oh wait.

  2. Yesterday my brother texted me around 1pm to say his public elementary school was on lockdown because there was an active shooter in the area. 70 other schools were also on lockdown. I Didn’t hear from him again until after 4pm to tell me all the kids safely went home, and he was staying at the school until the school principal was done and he’d walk Her to her car..
    These shootings have to stop. It just does. I know that sounds naive with so many political and religious implications out there, but this is cowpoop (<— trying hard not to swear) and it just has to stop.

    • That is the same line the libs are using. There must be action, even if it’s pointless. Of course they say what they mean and that is BAN ALL GUNS.

      The only action that can be taken to stop these kinds of things is to kill terrorists and remove muslims from our western culture. That’s it. So until you are prepared to do that everything else is pissing in the wind.

    • Sadly, as merciful as I want to be, until Islam is subjugated it will continue to kill people. It is a barbaric theology. Only if enough Muslims are A) converted to Christianity (the best method) or B) killed in combat, will the threat be neutralized.

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