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A couple of weeks ago the Maryland Court of Special Appeals issued this show cause order to The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin.

popcorn4bkYesterday was the fourteenth day after the order was issued. I don’t yet know if TDPK responded in a timely manner, but, as I noted yesterday, the first half of December will be interesting.

Stay tuned.

26 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. It’s late and maybe I’m missing something, but why is one Maryland court asking TDPK to produce transcripts of hearings from another Maryland court (in Montgomery County)?

    Do courts really not have access to the proceedings of other courts in the same state?

    I haven’t been involved in a lawsuit in a long time but I would have supposed this stuff was in some electronic form where any court could pull up any transcripts with minimal effort. Is that not the case?

  2. The Court of Special Appeals is an appeals court.

    When TDPK appeals, he has to pay for the complete transcript of the trials or hearings.

    When you in jail and in forma pauperis, you get the transcripts for free.

    Bad advice from Acme or bad planning by TDPK.

  3. Maybe he simply dropped the ball while juggling all the various taskings laid on him by the courts. It’s not like he can have a lot of free time, what with all the filings and such that he has to respond to.

  4. Judging by the forged email he pulled out of a hat a couple weeks ago, I really have to scratch my head to figure out what he could be talking about.

    “Goodnight, Dave. And please always remember how easy it would have been to avoid the total obliteration your friends seem all to willing to bring down on themselves. Truly, they don’t have a clue about what I have in the “armory” and what my “#WAR plan” would be.”

      • Based on yesterday’s post, he was debating whether to sue Hoge, but the thought of getting his butt handed to him on a plate yet again may have caused a change in strategery.

    • We have a clue:

      1. More forgeries
      2. More misunderstanding of the law
      3. More harassment of uninvolved parties
      4. More rage, insanity, and crawfishing when reality bites back.

      That about sums it up…#BLOWHARD

    • He won’t file anything. By now he’s aware of the jeopardy he puts himself in. Not even the World’s Stupidest Man ™ is that stupid.

  5. Do Appeals Courts give any special time considerations for national holidays like Thanksgiving? They count weekends (during which they are closed) in their time calculations, so is it safe to assume that Team Kimbergarden doesn’t get a break for Thanksgiving either?

    • Some courts have a rule that if the time period is 5 days or less, the intervening Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays do not count.
      Another common rule is that if the last day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, the item is due on the next day which is not a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday.

      Here, the time period is 14 days from November 16. So, November 30 was the due date.

      What happened, Mr. Hoge?

  6. My first reaction was to laugh, heartily.

    My second was to wonder if he’d provided some excerpts, lifted from Aaron’s blog, or if he’d simply neglected to include any transcript whatsoever?

    Then I remembered that he’s cheap, and started laughing again.

  7. The Maryland Judicial Database indicates that Brett Kimberlin filed three transcripts on the Nov 30th.

    I wonder if he altered any of the text?

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