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Another part of that research project I’ve been working on for the past month or so is a review of The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt’s LOLsuits. Here’s the Cliffs Notes version of his legal career:

LOLsuit: The Emotional Picture—Schmalfeldt v. Hoge, McCain, Gilly, Lemmen, Haper, Heather, Kiernan, Dykes, Sheiko, and Krendler, Case No. 14-CV-01685-CCB (D.Md. 2104); filed 20 May, 2014; withdrawn by Plaintiff 22 May, 2014.

LOLsuit II: The Wrath of Copyrights—Hoge v. Schmalfeldt, Case No. 14-CV-01683-ELH (D.Md. 2014); counterclaims against Hoge, Heather, and Krendler filed on 3 June, 2014; amended counterclaims against Hoge and Krendler filed on 5 June, 2014; counterclaims dismissed with prejudice 15 August, 2014.

LOLsuit III: The Search for Schlock—Schmalfeldt v. Johnson, Hoge, Krendler, and Earl, Case No. 15-CV-00315-RDB (D.Md. 2015); filed 2 February, 2015; motion to proceed in forma pauperis denied 18 February, 2015; dismissed for lack of jurisdiction 18 February, 2015.

LOLsuit IV: The Voyage to Oblivion—Schmalfeldt v. Hoge, Johnson, Krendler, and Earl, Case No. 13-C-15-102498 (Md.Cir.Ct. Howard Co. 2015); filed 23 February, 2015; dismissed for lack of service of process and improper venue 18 June, 2015.

LOLsuit V: The Final in Maryland—Schmalfeldt v. Grady, Case No. 15-CV-01241-RDB (D.Md. 2015), filed 27 April, 2015; amended complaint against Grady, Hinckley, Edgren, Roy Schmalfeldt, “Grace,” “Ashterah,” and Earl filed 2 July, 2015; dismissed with prejudice 19 August, 2015.

I look forward to the possibility of reporting on LOLsuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler, which may be coming soon to a courthouse near the Cabin Boy™.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—LOLsuit titles added.

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  1. 1. 2014 – 2015: He sued Krendler five times, claiming that he was either Grady or some unknown person. In his tweets and blogs, he has stated that Krendler is at least five different people by my count.
    2. Some of his claims of harassment, etc., were based on specific parodies written be Krendler.
    3. 2015: he dismissed all claims in lawsuit 5, with prejudice. That means all the claims that he made or COULD HAVE MADE, can not be brought again.
    4. 2015: he stated that he was Krendler and the author of the posts he sued others over. Let that sink in.

    • If I was a basketball player, but a really BAD basketball player, I’d stay off the courts where excellent basketball players spent time. Maybe practice somewhere else. I would forget those courts existed. Or better yet, change to a sport better suited to my talents. Yeah. One option is always to stay out of/off of the courts.

  2. Remember this? With commentary in parentheses:

    “My neurologist, Dr. Stephen Grill of Elkridge, MD, asked me on May 22 if I wanted to risk my life to get revenge against Hoge. I promised the only person in the world who has ever been true and faithful to me that I would drop the suit. So I dropped the suit.

    (That didn’t last long, did it?)
    I’m not going to vilify you folks any further. (HA!) You see what you want to see. But Hoge knows what he’s doing. He knew when he filed his suit that I SAID THAT MY DOCTOR SAID A LAWSUIT WOULD LIKELY KILL ME. He KNEW that.

    (Uh, huh. Sure. Not dead yet. Not wheelchair-bound. Hasn’t lost his voice. Can travel unassisted just fine. Feeling great.)
    He is trying to kill me. (No, you get peace orders against someone when you’ve asked them to leave you alone and they refuse to do so.)

    I’ve been in touch with my neurologist. I believe he will testify to that. (Sure he will.)

    As to the rest of you, an olive branch. I have dropped my lawsuit. I have no reason to bother you any further. You never had reason to hate me, but I know old habits die hard. (They sure do, especially for litigious serial harassers with a victim complex.)

    Live long, healthy lives. Cling to your friends. Don’t let your politics turn you into someone who hates. (Good advice. Someone should look in the mirror and ask himself why he hates Christians, while hiding behind the skirts of nuns). There are enough Chris Heather’s and Dee from Houston’s as there is.” (Chris Heather, the faildox whom Bill persecuted for over six months, posting photos of his family, denigrating them, and implying incest? Dee, whom Bill told to drink rat poison?)

  3. Too bad it wasn’t “LOLsuit V: The Final Insult.”

    Someday, it will be “LOLsuit the 13th: The Cabin Boy Goes to Hell.”

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