15 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. Police hint his motive, such as a motive is to a crazee person, is actually related to the location. “you may draw conclusions” said the cops. But by eyes alone, not to mention his anti-social, restraining-order-gathering, dog-hurting past (and some agressions/cruelty towards his wife and neighbors) he’s just a nutcase.

  2. If that’s the case, in todays bizzaro world, he should he should be referred to as a ‘gunwoman’, no?

  3. I’m sure this entire situation is a bummer for all involved.

    It is not however, MY bummer.

    I’ve resolved to not abide any future gun control laws. I also will ignore any future gun control, whether legislative or through executive overreach.

  4. And to think I just complimented him for waiting for the facts before he started jumping on the “It must be a Right Wing Nutjob” bandwagon. It lasted about 12 hours before he embraced the crazy too and started shooting off with no facts. Sad really. I thought for once he would do something good. Nope, the Schmalfail streak continues.

    • From reports: “His neighbors in Black Mountain said Robert Lewis Dear kept mostly to himself. But James Russell said when Dear did talk, it was a rambling combination of a number of topics that didn’t make sense together and he tended to avoid eye contact.

      Two topics Russell said he never heard Dear talk about were religion or abortion.”

      • I haven’t had time to follow this, but I got a very strong impression when I skimmed the news this morning that this isn’t a guy we can attribute a reasoned motive to – he appears to be seriously off his rocker, and a few ants shy of a picnic, too.

    • Yeah, I even sort-of seconded your kind words. I think he was just afraid it would turn out to be a muslim, and as soon as he saw that it was a white guy Schmally was off to the races, and trying to make up for lost time.

  5. my wife mentioned the shooting to me last night, she was all “damn, the left really are eating each other aren’t they”.
    I said “what do you mean??”
    and she goes ” well he’s a white guy, and they havent reported him shouting allu ackbar, so it must be a left wing loony, they are the only other groups that do stupid shit like that”
    and I thought and said, “doesnt the media usually run with it being a right wing extremist??” and she said “oh yeah, and they haven’t be right yet, why would they be this time?”

    God I love her 😀

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