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UPDATE 3—The Cabin Boy™ is welcome to spend his time reading and researching Hogewash!—after all, while he’s so engaged, he isn’t bothering anyone else. Thus, by keeping him occupied, this blog performs a public service.TheMerryWidower201511280415ZAs for taking the blog private, why should I? I’ve nothing to hide.

41 thoughts on “Logins

  1. I had always heard the myth of lemmings rushing off the edge of a cliff was a Disney invention from the late 1950s.

    But I see some people essentially, and relentlessly, flinging themselves off the edge of a metaphorically legal cliff on a near daily basis.

    There have been times when moving and starting over with a clean slate has had great appeal to me. A “fresh start” is a rare and wonderful opportunity.

    But why go to the expense and trouble of moving to another state and, rather than turning over a new leaf, immediately start building a new pile of sewage to wallow in?

    I’d like to think that if I screwed up my life very badly and “started over,” that I would somehow manage to stop wallowing in my own cesspool for longer than a few hours.

    I don’t understand why some people relentlessly pursue obviously self-destructive behaviors.

    • It’s worse.

      It brought the same pile of sewage, and then started adding to it.

      No, that doesn’t make any sense to anyone sane, either. It’s just the way it rolls.

  2. What’s terribly amusing is that one can scrape entire sites without leaving a trace.

    My programs scrape Cousin’s sites in this fashion, recreate them on virtual machines on isolated subnets, then archive the source in a time stamped git repository, so it can be browsed, at leisure, by law enforcement and legal staff.

    My automated programs that do this run continuously, often catching Cousin Bill’s edits-in-progress, postings that he thinks better of after a few minutes, and other such ephemera…

    I get daily summaries via email. No more than five minutes a day spent on determining what Cousin has been up to, online.

    And those programs leave no trace that he can see…


  3. Huh. Just heard something interesting… towards the end of his life, A. Hitler was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

    So, see, Bill, you have something in common with the Hero of the Progressives!

  4. Brace yourselves folks, I’m about to pay Bill Schmalfeldt a compliment.

    Although no one knows why some lunatic went shooting up a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado Springs today, the usual zany far left lunatics were out in force to immediately pin it on every single person that is to the right of Stalin. But Bill actually took a stand and admonished Karoli and even his handler Bunny Boy to not jump to conclusions. So Good job Bill.

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