Unmanaging the Unmanageable

Jennifer Rubin has a piece over at WaPo about the commander-in-chief’s meltdown in the polls. It begins:

President Obama’s petulant news conference in Turkey insisting there is no need to shift our strategy for fighting the Islamic State might have been the low point in his presidency. But that does not mean he’s hit rock bottom.

Yeah, well, until he hits bottom, he’s not going to realize that he’s powerless over the world situation and that our lives have become unmanageable.

Read the whole thing.

1 thought on “Unmanaging the Unmanageable

  1. A point of gentle disagreement with our gracious host. I am managing quite well because I am 100% debt free and have done everything in my power to insulate myself from the consequences of these foolish leaders and their decisions. Giving Mr. Obama the power to make my life ‘unmanageable’ is something I refuse to do and have thankfully avoided. As should everyone.

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