12 thoughts on “Logins

  1. Wow, he’s up early and trolling this morning. That Johnnie Walker Red sure is some smooth whiskey.

    I wonder if he has any clue what’s going on. But then I remember exactly who I’m referring to and he plays checkers while Mr Hoge et al play chess.

  2. Now wait a minute. I have to go to work EVERY WEEK DAY. I have to Do Something to make money. I have to scrounge money to survive. Why does This Guy have the luxury to sit at home and spew crap all over the Internet as he pleases all day and night long? Seriously!

    I couldn’t do it. I have to WORK. You know…do things so I get paid. I honestly don’t understand how you could get to the point where you look at a screen and keep banging the F5 key and get PAID for it. This is wrong.

    • He has been on the Government Tit most of his adult life. When Obama opened up the disability program, he jumped on it.

      But you are preaching to the choir here LLou. Our gentile host retired some years ago from NASA, but has continued to work to assist the fine folks at Goddard. I’ve worked 55-60 hours since my mid twenties and I get the bonus to be on call virtually every weekend & holiday. One of my guilty pleasures is checking in here for a few minutes each day. It provides endless lulz.

  3. If you think this site is getting F5’d, can you imagine what a certain ebook’s page on Amazon is getting?

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