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popcorn4bkNot everything is proceeding as I have foreseen. Yesterday, something went better than expected.

Much, much better.


Now, about the Cabin Boy’s™ continuing breach of the settlement agreement to the Hoge v. Schmalfelt copyright lawsuit, I’ll limit myself to the following statement: I have reviewed the matter with counsel and have decided that it will be in my interest to enforce the agreement. However, I do not wish to publicly discuss the timing or exact manner of enforcement prior to taking action. Frankly, there are more important issues in the queue, but I will get around to dealing with the Cabin Boy’s™ infringement.

Murum aries attigit.

UPDATE—I’ll just leave this right here.MLTFTK_registration

51 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Gail’s Abuser needs to stop medicating himself with alcohol and seek serious help for his mental deterioration. I mean we all know he’s coo-coo for coco puffs, but the cray-cray is getting out of hand now.

  2. You may need a mobility scooter in ten to fifteen years. Just ensure that you isolate the electrics and adequately lubricate and protect the bearings etc and it should be fine. Take the tyres off though and use a product that protects the rubber and even they should be fine.

    I believe it goes 12.5 bloops an hour.

  3. Hey, knock yourself out buddy. Breach of contract? You could win the huge sum of NOTHING like you did last time. Compensatory damages? How much did my fair use of five altered paragraphs cost you? And the case was dismissed with prejudice 30 days after we signed the agreement. If you’re thinking copyright infringement? That won’t work and you’d have to file in Milwaukee. And since I own the copyright, you can’t have it. It was not a word for word transcript from your blog, but I did give you credit. You’re talking about abusing the court system — AGAIN!!! — wasting taxpayer money in your mad pursuit of the one that keeps getting away. Be a man. Screw these bootlickers. Five altered paragraphs in an entire book. Based on your prior conduct, sir, I believe you may be asking for a harassment suit.

    Now, since you were not grown up enough to answer my reasonable e-mail, I will tell you once again. You cannot invent law. You cannot beat me or convict me for something I did not do. God knows, you’ve tried. For your own sake and the sake of your ailing wife — ignore the pinheads.

    WALK AWAY while I’m still in the mood to allow you to do so without being dragged into a harassment suit, which is what the nice folks at CreateSpace said they’d be happy to provide testimony about your history of unwarranted takedowns,

    Walk the fuck away, John. I’ve had it with you and your ceaseless attempts to find me guilty of SOMETHING! Because of you, it’s already too late for Eric Johnson and Scott Hinckley, Their letters and phonecalls to management and management’s sworn deposition against them should seal their fates with a dandy defamation suit. You still have a chance to wake up and not do anything stupid.

    Knowing you, however, dishonorable, liar, you will do the stupid thing and end up bankrupting your family, Am I WORTH it to you, John?

    • Well, you are broke, so there’s that. But if you were actually Krendler, why did you write all those horrible things about your wife, Blob? Hoping for a little pocket change? And because John told you it would be a great idea? What kind of person does that?

    • I will say this as politely as I can, and use small words so you’ll understand.

      Bill, you simply don’t know, nor understand, the law. Sure, you google stuff, and then proceed to misinterpret everything you read. Justanswer and Avvo are not adequate replacements for an actual attorney.

      You can bluster all you want. If I had a dollar for everytime you were certain you “had” someone, I’d be rich.

      Now, run along and see if Brett can teach you to be better at forging emails.

    • The person finding you guilty is yourself. Stop harassing people and they won’t have to defend against you.

      And never forget, that in the end that’s what is happening — you attacked, and now you’re whining that your targets have the gall to defend themselves.

    • That’s cute. The guy you keep insistently contacting is ‘harassing’ you by holding you to the contract (that’s what a settlement is, dummy) that you signed. If you think the dismissal voids the settlement, you are even more delusional than usual.

    • Hey DUMBFUCK, you know what’s going to happen when you realize you’ve stuck your joint in the meat grinder again and you try that “my sainted wife spoke from the clouds and took away all my energy for this fight I started, and besides, this time I’m moving to Burkina Faso?” shit?

      Everyone is going to respond with your last request, and ask, “If this weeping pussy doesn’t have the stones to finish a lawsuit he filed, why shouldn’t he pay everybody’s fees and some hefty sanctions besides?”

      And that will be FUN.


    • And when you are done Bill, are you going to own their houses and their wives? You are going to be so rich dude what are going to do with all that money? Don’t mean to insult your intelligence, you probably know all about this stuff but maybe you could buy truckloads of this stuff — Whisky Cocktail Mayonaise Sauce.

    • Oh no, don’t do that, don’t step on your dick in court again. My sides can only take so much.

      You don’t get it, do you? Your continuous, puerile attempts to bully people have only spawned your worst nightmare: opponents who will be MORE than happy to drag you into a court of law and beat you mercilessly with it. How many more protective orders will you rack up? How many more lawsuits will you drop -with prejudice- to avoid the prospect of finding yourself on the short end of a judgement? And how long till you flee to another locale where they don’t know your reputation — for the moment? Remember, the Internet never forgets, and your words have been archived by astute watchers.

      You are a liar and serial harasser by your own words and actions. If you had an ounce of gray matter in that dented skull of yours, you’d throw yourself on Hoge’s mercy and offer to make amends. Maybe Father Paul could give you some direction on that score.

      But I doubt you will. And so your life goes; sad, empty, devoid of friendship, love, or meaning. I pity you, but it won’t stop me from laughing as you drive off that cliff.

  4. Their letters and phonecalls to management and management’s sworn deposition against them should seal their fates with a dandy defamation suit.

    Wait, wait, wait! Are we talking LULZsuit the Sixth, Blob? In Forma Pauperis again, or are you gonna pay the filing and service fees this time? LOL!

    • Does Bill even know what defamation is or how to prove in court that he’s been defamed?


      Sorry, I can’t keep a straight face asking if Billy understands something.

      But hey, I’m sure that a “sworn deposition” from the “management” would totally be relevant.

      • Show me a court that doesn’t get grumpy when the best testimony is a sheet of paper.

        Bill needs to realize he ain’t in Maryland anymore, Toto.

      • Oh really? Bill would never lie now would he. Like any jury is going to find the a man with a decade of filth on the Internet many directed at children is going to be rewarded by 12 people in a jury box

        Hope u enjoy your visit to Tennessee.

    • I would be a big boy and walk away *

      * Offer is available under the following terms and conditions. May be modified at an time at The Cabin Boy’s prerogative and without recourse. Will expire in 2 days or whenever The Cabin Boy feels like it. Not valid if the The Cabin Boy’s Twitter or Website changes. Will expire if The Cabin Boy’s feelings are hurt in any way, shape, or form. Will expire The Cabin Boy gets advice or orders from above. No longer valid if The Cabin Boy’s expert opinion determines that Hoge, or anyone related to Hoge, or anybody unrelated to Hoge who’s never met Hoge, does anything The Cabin Boy doesn’t like. Do not attempt at home. Promise made under controlled conditions by professional liar. Consult your psychologist if you believe the promise for more than 4 seconds. All promises have expiration dates, chat with your legal counsel to determine how this applies to you.

    • Poor little Billy. He is the captain of his own soul and totally accepts responsibility for his own actions, whenever Hoge lets him! Serious You Guys, he always thinks like an adult. Cuz all reasonable adults think about other guys being pantsed in court, right? It’s not just Billy stuck in Junior High. Amirite?

    • You still don’t seem to understand that John has never been your adversary in a criminal trial. That is always the state.

      Say, how many cases have you initiated and won, Blob?

      • What metric do you mean by “won?”

        “Your houses! MINE! Your wives! MINE!” is a standard that comes to mind.

        As is, Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!ONE!!!

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