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When I returned home Sunday evening, I found these in my Twitter timeline.TheMerryWidower20151123xxxxZ

I haven’t sent a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice to any company or individual concerning Confession of an Undercover Internet Troll, a book which the Cabin Boy™ originally insisted he did not write. I did, however, make CreateSpace and Amazon aware that a part of the book on pages 8 and 9 appears to have been copied without permission from a blog post here at Hogewash!. It seems that Amazon has investigated the matter and decided to discontinue selling the book. That was their business decision.

Since I haven’t made a DMCA claim, I don’t believe that any DMCA counternotice provisions apply to Amazon’s decision. Perhaps the Cabin Boy™ should seek competent legal advice from an attorney who specializes in intellectual property law.

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  1. But…but…but….CreateSpace is going to CRUSH YOU!!! Or was it Cardinal Property Management? I get all the entities whose business is to avenge Blob Schmalfeldt mixed up.

  2. It is FUN to watch Witless Willie jump to unwarranted conclusions. In any case, he has absolutely no control over the matter if he was telling the truth when he said he was not the author.

  3. Oh, and as for Hoge’s tactical blunders: they were sufficient to get Wee Willy abjectly fleeing almost 1000 miles.

  4. John Hoge, do you really need to qualify it with, “appears?” It has been said that an infinite number of monkeys banging randomly on typewriters might eventually duplicate the works of Shakespeare. So, maybe, it might be random chance. But, an infinite number of Bill Schmalfeldt’s sitting at laptops using the newest and best speech-to-text software writing infinitely to the best of their abilities could not duplicate the wit and wisdom of a single post here, ever.

    It would never occur to any of those Schmalfeldt’s that it might be better to try to generate random text. Such an insight would be too frightening.

  5. Keyword is “COMPETENT”. But we all know that Bill Schmalfeldt, esq. ‘Twitter Attorney at Law’ believes he IS competent. Past experience shows Bill may be competent, just not at anything relevent or of consequence. I wonder how much he has earned from his decades of online harassment, doxing and threatening innocent people?

  6. I don’t see what the problem is.

    I wrote all those posts originally at Thinking Man’s Zombie. It says so right there in the book.

    And I did send an email to asking permission to use the post from this site. When I didn’t get a response I just assumed it was okay and went ahead.

    Is that not how it’s supposed to work?

  7. So Bill stole and lied, “came clean” (fixate on that term for a minute) in coming clean Bill just proved yet again he is a liar

    Bill, when you called me pretending to be a reporter your voice sounded fine, great even, I wonder if he even has parkinson’s

  8. It has been pointed out before that (1) no one was buying BS’s pack of lies, and (2) that by claiming to be Krendler, he was admitting that he knowingly and falsely filed fraudulent lawsuits against innocent people, who now have claims against him. In fact, in one case, BS filed a false lawsuit to get around Patrick Grady’s restraining order.

    He doubles down again in his latest blog post, after tweeting anal sex fantasies about WJJH. In other words, he is confessing to perjury and fraud, yet again.

  9. Someone correct me if I wrong, but wouldn’t copying blog posts from this site and publishing them without permission be a violation of the settlement Bill Schmalfeldt, copyright thief, agreed to with our Gracious Host? Wouldn’t violating that agreement open up Bill Schmalfeldt, Stolen Valor Hero, to legal repercussions?

    • Why, yes it would, and as we have pointed out for months, WJJH can file for breach of contract. In MARYLAND.

      It’s a good thing BS generously published his email to Maryland LEOs last month, in which he stated that he had both the ability and the means to travel back and forth to Maryland!

    • The beauty of most conspiracy theories is that they offer non-falsifiable claims that the conspiracy includes efforts to cover up any potential evidence for it. Aliens crashed at Roswell, but, the government is too afraid of a panic to tell the public. There is a miracle pill that cures cancer, but, the drug companies can’t profit on it because they can’t patent a natural compound, etc. Bill Schmalfeldt has created such a labyrinth. He can’t offer one iota of evidence that John Hoge and he entered into such an conspiracy precisely because it is, allegedly. a conspiracy!

    • It is why WJJH says he did not file an DCMA take down, all he had to do was show the settlement agreement. Simple contract law, not copyright law.

  10. Isn’t there a name for attaining a thing of value, such as a copyright, through false and/or misleading statements? What do they call that?

  11. Is it really the position of ACME legal that a book can only contain a single instance of copyright infringement?
    Even if you had filed a DCMA request, if material in the book is from this blog (even a small percentage of the entire book) it wouldn’t be a false request. (Blah Blah, disclaimers, IANAL, Fair use, blah blah. Although I don’t think DCMA requires that you consider fair use before submitting the request as that’s a defense not an immunity.)

  12. He’s got the chance of a fresh start in a new place; isn’t there a bridge table in the rec room or something? It’s too easy with his disorder to perseverate on stupid things. Why not try to switch it up?

  13. Here are three identifiers that Bill Schmalfeldt should be aware of:

    VAu 1-225-125
    VAu 1-225-126
    VAu 1-225-127

    These are the US Copyright Office’s registration numbers for the pictures of mine that Bill published without my permission (stole).

    He has claimed that “Fair Use” allows him to use these pictures. Let’s look at the Fair Use exemptions allowed under law:

    1. Classroom Use – No.
    2. Research – No.
    3. Scholarship – No.
    4. Nonprofit Educational Institution – No.
    5. News Reporting – No.
    6. Transformative – No.
    7. Restricted Access – No.
    8. Parody – No.

    9. Criticism – See below.
    10. Comment – See Below.

    For either of these last two uses to be allowed, Bill would have had to have made comments about the photos. He did not. He simply included them in his blog post and emails to show that he knew who I was. He never mentioned the photos in his text. He didn’t caption them or indicate their source. He simply stole them and included them in messages, Twitter comments, and web pages he published. I can find no exemption of Harassment or Intimidation as Fair Use.

  14. Is Mr. Hoge going to need to get another “no contact” order now? Again with the Twitter @ mentions? How many times does someone need to be told that “no contact” means “no contact”?

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