2015 NOV 23 00:57:55 UTC
2015 NOV 23 02:40:13 UTC
2015 NOV 23 04:05:24 UTC

UPDATE—2015 NOV 23 15:16:16 UTC

UPDATE 2—2015 NOV 23 20:10:48 UTC

UPDATE 3—2015 NOV 23 21:04:34 UTC

UPDATE 4—2015 NOV 23 22:45:15 UTC

UPDATE 5—2015 NOV 23 23:01:17 UTC

UPDATE—6 2015 NOV 24 00:35:25 UTC
2015 NOV 24 00:46:48 UTC
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2015 NOV 24 01:25:30 UTC

UPDATE 7—2015 NOV 24 01:31:02 UTC

UPDATE 8—2015 NOV 24 01:42:57 UTC
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2015 NOV 24 02:41:43 UTC
2015 NOV 24 02:59:48 UTC

UPDATE 9—2015 NOV 24 03:47:06 UTC

17 thoughts on “Logins

  1. I wonder if he is really suffering from Parkinsons, since he seemed fine on the phone, he has the energy to create podcasts and blogs and tweets daily.

    And by these logins he’s up 24 hours a day….

    So Bill, committing crimes will get your lease torn up. They don’t like criminals in tax payer and donor subsidized housing complex’s.

    I calculated it will take you only 39 days on your scooter to make it back to Elkridge, who knows, maybe you will fit in it by the end of the journey

    • Some studies have estimated that over 20% of people diagnosed as having “Parkinson Disease” in fact have some other condition. I would be shocked if that rate was lower at the VA. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were higher. Nor, would I be the least bit surprised if Bill Schmalfeldt actually did not have Parkinson’s.

      • Well, he did write that he thought he was going to get a HUGE disability payments for life in Chapter 7 of some unsold book of his – so you just gotta go


        Seeing how he called me pretending to be a reporter from the MSJ and now has confessed to stealing material and lying about being the author several times on Amazon reviews gave a false positive review of his own book which BTW maybe also a crime (if it was a commercial success HAHAHAHAHAHA ‘snort’)

        He sounded very strong on the phone and don’t we have some video where he said he couldn’t wiggle his fingers and had no hand strength yet he’s racing around town at 12.6 Blobs per hour


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