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    • I’m paraphrasing a tweet from a long time ago:

      “If Bill would just forget #JohnHoge even exists and go about it’s life, it would be happier and no one would be Googling.”

      Or something to that effect.


    • Bill, you would be better served if Our Host was lying about you. Because the truths are so devastating.

      What is that quote from McCain again?

    • Because if there’s one guy who knows lies, it’s Bill “Call Me Anonymous” Schmalfeldt!

    • Lies?? You mean like stolen valor?? Those kind of lies??

      How about you having turned a member of the Horde for your piddly 2 grand?? Did you lie about that?? You haven’t even sniffed Krendler’s ID… and if your dementia riddled carcass had shown up in the Sekret Squirrel site… we would have known in two seconds

      So the only lying liar who lies around here in the “Lyin’ of Lebanon,” the 8000 lb ginormous mound of failsauce.

    • So Bill, when are you going to tell us just exactly why you started coming to Hogewash in the first place??

      I guess you can’t admit what is obvious, you are one of Brett’s minions and dance to his tune, even when you are in another state…

      Your cousin accused you of rape and you dismissed the suit about that with prejudice. What must Brett have on you that is worse???

  1. It would be FUN for Willie to start listing what he deems lies so we could prove them true.

    Of course there are some things said of him that may be untrue, for example, that he frequently drinks JWR. There is certainly evidence to support that statement, but most of it is circumstantial. JWR is an awfully expensive tipple for such a financial failure. And anyway, inebriation is not the only possible explanation for his farcical behavior: his stupidity is ample explanation on its own.

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