Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I have received the following subpoena:

I have provided the following response:

The redactions of the privilege log and one email are for the benefit of third parties not connect to the LOLsuit.

13 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Poor Brett. I don’t think he could have imagined when he enticed the very stupid Bill Schmalfeldt to join his merry band of pedos and losers exactly how harmful Bill might turn out to be to him.

  2. Not being a lawyer, this whole thing confuses me. On the other hand, you PRIVATE statements abour Brett Kimberlin are of no real importance. Unless you said “I know Brett Kimberlin did this and let’s do evil unethical things to him, including false light…” Your public comments have been measured and well supported by facts. I actually hope your private statements mention tovex, Speedway Bombs, teenage girls and momma’s basement. ‘Cause I can’t get enough of that.

  3. In what way are the nine messages privileged? I know that communications between a lawyer and his client are privileged, but I don’t see that as being the case between you and Patrick Frey. I just want to understand it.

  4. Since some of those emails on the topic of swatting may have included comments about Bill Schmalfeldt, can Frey ask for the correspondence between those 2 now?

    That would be interesting email just from what we already know from comments that have been left on Hogewash by Team Kimberlin.

    • Minor problem:

      Brett Kimberlin, AKA the Speedway Bomber, is a lying perjuror in addition to his other habits as a terrorist bomber and reputed pedophile.

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