5 thoughts on “Logins

  1. So, 11 AM and 8:45 PM EST. An hour earlier for Blob Local Time.

    For a while there when he was commenting, it really looked like he woke up around noon, made a few posts, consulted his legal team Walker Neat & Quicke (thanks, whichever Lickspittle I just stole that from) and then waited until midnight (11 PM CST) for the TK PotD to offer his “reasoned response.”

    I bet if Hoge and Krendler cared, and I bet they don’t, they could correlate Bill’s sleep cycle with the Schmycle.

    Who knows, maybe he spent so much on the scooter he can’t afford “legal consultation” anymore?

  2. I’ve heard the DTs make people crazy.

    I’ve also heard Bill is in no danger of getting the DTs since that would require cutting back, the very thing he’s most known for….

  3. I think I’m going to repeat this for effect on every such post:

    Don’t you know that writing down the time and date the Peeping Tom looks in your window is STALKING AND HARASSMENT?!?

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