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    • Brazilian Connection?

      The happy-its-wife-is-dead merrywidower’s memory sure works fine when it suits its purposes (of lying).

      It must be faking the memory loss.

      Just like it faked being unable to talk.
      Just like it faked being unable to walk.
      Just like it faked requiring assistance to walk.
      Just like it faked the Navy medals it urned.
      Just like it faked storming the shores of Beirut.
      Just like it faked its work at NIH.
      Just like it faked its disability for early retirement.
      Just like it faked being an “investigative journalist.”
      Just like it faked BK no longer being its “most excellent friend.” (Who drove it to court for each hearing, hmmm?)
      Just like it faked the forged letter (with the signature that looks too much like his own).
      Just like it faked its need for a new coffee maker, cell phone, computer, microphone, etc.
      Just like it faked NOT writing the ebook CONFESSIONS OF AN UNDERCOVER INTERNET TROLL.
      Just like it faked the email from Lynn Thomas.
      Just like it faked Mark in Maryland – gee, to where did Mark disappear after its move to Wisconsin?

      Just like it fakes being a “hero” of the left (fighting those RWNJs).
      Just like it fakes taking its medications instead of JWR. *hic*
      Just like it fakes needing proof of what it did.
      Just like it fakes moving on with its life and turning over a new leaf.
      Just like it fakes NOT being caught in a lie.

      • Well his wife is dead so he had enough scratch to buy a scooter he specifically said she would not have wanted him too, some yeah, he’s happy as a clam. Of course the fact that the scooter will make him even fatter and lazier never occurred to him. Me? I’m just hoping that results in a massive heart attack while he’s tooling past the shit plant on the shiny scooter he gleefully bought with his death money.

    • I wonder what the wind chill factor of the force of 300 lbs exerting downwards on a 200 lb rated Chinese made, discounted for the feeble of mind garden variety electric scooter is?

  1. You know, I was just a happy little thought about various Brazilians. Some of them might even have been servers, or maybe, “servers”. But then Bill intruded. Now I is a Sadz.

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