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  1. “Dear Mommy Judge Hollander,

    Hoge is doing it again! I have a First Amendment right to read blogs that accurately document my deranged hostility to everyone libel me free of government interference. I know that because I saw it on “The Good Wife” once. It’s on after football (GO PACKS!) so watching it doesn’t make me gay. Except for my defective crank (PARKINSON’S) I’m all man, so no spoiled weenie juice for me!

    But Hoge is tracking my reading habits of his hate-spewing blog. Hate. Hate. HATE!

    Did you know that Hoge is a contractor for NASA, Judge? Did you know that if you remove the first A, NASA becomes NSA? Isn’t this the kind of thing Edward Snowden tried to warn us about?

    I’m a 60 year old, totally disabled, recent widower (but with a new scooter that I said that I wouldn’t buy because it would ruin the carpets! WHEEEE!) I have the constitutional right to stalk my enemies without them making a big thing about it. Isn’t that what Aaron Burr died fighting for at Khe Sahn?


    Yours in mayo,

    William M. Schmalfeldt,
    St. Francis, Wisconsin”

  2. What’s amusing is we all know that Bill (and other Team Pedobomber members on their own sites) actively track who are visiting them and from where. I’m certain Bill furiously plugs the IP’s of his visitors into something like IP Location Finder (https://www.iplocation.net/) so that he can try and pinpoint peoples locations for future doxxing.

    Bill is just angry because others are using this tactic against him. Bill should wonder what other tactics he has used in the past that may be used against him in the future. Turnabout is, as they say, fair play.

    He should also remember that the Internet is forever when he bitc…err… complains about so-called right-wingers picking on him.

  3. Speaking of the scooter, it seems like only two weeks ago that William professed such pride in himself that he internalized Gail’s example regarding impulse purchases.

    Wait. You mean that It was only two weeks ago?

    • Yes. He posted about it in his blog, along with a couple upside-down photos. In all fairness, that could have been his viewing angle given his fondness for JWR.


        • It is illegal in Wisconsin for a driver over the age of 21 to operate a motor vehicle:
          • With a Blood/Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or greater;
          • While under the influence of an intoxicant;

          Doesn’t even have to be in the public right-of-way; just does it have a motor, is he drunk?

          • Motor or engine? Does the Motor Vehicle code differentiate?

            Yes, I’m being a nit picky bastard 🙂

          • The text says motor. Engineers would tell you that a motor provides motive effort i.e. not human powered. Technically an engine is nothing but an energy converter.

            Short answer, it doesn’t have to be gasoline/diesel powered; but I think you could skate on the equestrian while drunk in WI.

          • Oh, no; it was a generalization. I didn’t mean to imply that any noble steed would ever allow itself to be diminished by being forced to carry Bill’s fetid carcass.

          • Fifteen years ago, I knew a rancher that rode a horse into town to the bar. When he was done, he’d climb on and the horse would take him home safely in spite of traffic.

          • That is Section 346.63.
            Unfortunately, Section 346.02(12) states that:
            Applicability to electric personal assistive mobility devices. An electric personal assistive mobility device shall be considered a vehicle for purposes of ss. 346.04 to 346.10, 346.12, 346.13, 346.15, 346.16, 346.18, 346.19, 346.20, 346.215 (3), 346.23 to 346.28, 346.31 to 346.35, 346.37 to 346.40, 346.44, 346.46, 346.47, 346.48, 346.50 to 346.55, 346.57, 346.59, 346.62, 346.65 (5m), 346.67 to 346.70, 346.78, 346.80, 346.87, 346.88, 346.90, 346.91, and 346.94 (4), (5), (9), and (10), except those provisions which by their express terms apply only to motor vehicles or which by their very nature would have no application to electric personal assistive mobility devices.

            346.62 is reckless driving.

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