A Retraction is in Order

The Cabin Boy™ published this tweet roughly 24 hours ago—TheMerryWidower201511180643ZThis tweet states as a fact that I created the “flaw” in the version of the email header used in my reporting, that I altered what Schmalfeldt had originally published. Over the past day, it has been demonstrated that the image I published was a true and correct copy of the image attached to the Cabin Boy’s™ original tweet. Further, it has been established that the images on his blog were changed shortly after my TKPOTD published yesterday. He tried to fix his problem but failed, and he got caught.

It is now abundantly clear that my reporting was accurate. It is also clear that Bill Schmalfeldt lied. He knowingly misrepresented the facts concerning the provenance of the email header and shamelessly attempted to alter the files on his blog to try to cover up his malfeasance. And he lied by claiming that I had manipulated evidence.

I don’t believe that the Cabin Boy™ is ashamed of what he did. If he feels any sorrow, it is for being caught and not for having lied. It is, therefore, unreasonable to expect an apology. However, it is not unreasonable to demand a retraction. Bill Schmalfeldt should prominently post a statement on the home page of his blog admitting that he lied about my report. He should also post a sticky tweet at the top of his timeline making the same admission. Also, on both the blog home page and the sticky tweet he should admit to altering the email header.

Do I believe that Bill Schmalfeldt will do the right thing? No. I don’t. That would require a level of honor and honesty that I do not believe he possesses.

41 thoughts on “A Retraction is in Order

  1. Of course he’ll publish a retraction. About one femtosecond before he memory-holes the entire blog and twitter handle.

    • If he publishes a retraction then we can say that he is being monitored by the management of his apartment, and they have jerked his leash tight.

  2. The idiot will never apologise, because he does not have the morals nor the integrity required.

    The sad thing is, even with the clear facts he still believes that he has somehow published it only once even with multiple sources of evidence that he has made changes. How can you stand and claim one thing, when you stupidly and actively published the previous versions and somehow think others will believe you.

    That is not weapons grade stupid, that is generations of incest and toxic chemicals as garnish stupid. Well done, Just when I think this guy cannot get any stupider, he not only achieves it, he excels at it.

    The one thing that BS is good at is proving me wrong on how dumb he is.

    • I’ve said it elsewhere, but even three-year-olds would be mortally embarrassed to tell the lies Bill tells on a daily basis.

        • From this it looks like we may conclude that he is both a sadist AND a masochist.

          With Bill we must always be prepared to embrace the power of and.

    • “That is not weapons grade stupid, that is generations of incest and toxic chemicals as garnish stupid.”


    • that is generations of incest and toxic chemicals as garnish

      If you don’t like the in-laws’ homemade cranberry sauce, don’t eat it.

      (I just thought the imagery of that phrase was so expressive it needed comment, and with Thanksgiving approaching…)

  3. Two things: 1) if he had a shred of honor he wouldn’t have tried it in the first place. 2) he’s been pushing the “forged letter” nonsense for at least a year, and has even taken that to court.

    He’ll double-down, not admit he did wrong.

  4. Men of honor and integrity don’t wear medals they know they aren’t entitled to. Men of honor and integrity don’t count among their excellent friends an assortment of active pedos, terrorists, abusers of woman, deadbeat dads, drug dealers, gun runner, perjuers, and plain old failures at life.
    Ask yourself what kind of person would choose this wretched assortment of friends? I would certainly understand if he was actively trying to reform them and bring them to salvation, but sadly no. He just enjoys wallowing in evil as much as they do.
    The only good thing I can say about him at this point is that I doubt he’s raped anyone since he fled the state.

  5. Based on the rate of mental deterioration his tweets and comments are evincing, he needs to stop self-medicating and see his neurologist stat. If nothing is done about it, I see him being incompetent to live on his own by Christmas at the latest.

    • I reject your premise.

      He has been living on his own FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE since late August 2015.

      He has never been competent to do so, and he’s too old to learn how.

  6. Something tells me that soon Shaky is going to be very familiar with this form:

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