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The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt has been tap dancing around today asking for evidence that the email he published on Twitter which he alleges was from Lynn Thomas is a forgery. I wouldn’t normally bother to respond to his request, but I’m growing weary of his silly games. It’s time for him to shut up and admit what he did. Also, there have been enough hints posted in the comment sections of the previous posts that it’s possible one of his marginally technically competent “friends” may figure out one of the other ways we caught him this time. That being the case, I’ll lay out one piece of the evidence.

To begin, the header and text are in different typefaces. That’s unusual and suggests that they are two separate documents rather than two parts of the same document. The default case would be for both to be in the same san serif font. That clue led to further examination. I’m not going to go into the digital forensics. While they support the other evidence, the single dumbest mistake the Cabin Boy™ made is obvious when one reads through the header.Email_Header_TS1TardisNotice that the email was originated at 13:15:01 PST and received less than a second later (the Interwebz are really fast) but that the intermediate time stamp is at 13:51:01. In other words, either the time stamps were clumsily edited by hand with the minutes digits being transposed on one of them, or the intermediate relay point forwarded the email before it was received. Based on my experience with applied quantum mechanics, I believe the former to be the better explanation.


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    • I don’t think they’re educatable.

      Nor do I really think this was meant to pass. It’s part of a crafty, cunning plan to outwit those idiots HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE and KRRREEEEEEEENNNNNNDDDEERRRRR… AND THEY WENT AND FELL FOR IT!

      Roy, can you recall when any of his cunning plans actually went as he planned, even when they started out well enough, (They took the bait, they took the bait, now lets make them think one of them is about to flip!!!) like this one seems to be?

      Has he ever made any sort of real attempt, ever, to just do the work, sweat as needed, and work hard for, well, anything?

  1. either the time stamps were clumsily edited by hand with the minutes digits being transposed on one of them, or the intermediate relay point forwarded the email before it was received.

    I can’t believe that you’re a quantum thinkamajiggy guy, and we have to explain TIME ZONES?

    Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  2. Fonts are tricky. Hey if they could fool the entire staff of CBS News in Rathergate, it’s no wonder that Team Kimberlin is perplexed. (It’s not that I am disparaging the average intellect of Team Kimberlin relative to the average intellect of CBS News, but CBS has so many more morons at work.)

  3. But, but, but, Blobby’s NEW IMPROVED header doesn’t have that error, so HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE must have forged the original which, amazingly, has been deleted from Blobby’s timeline.

    Not that he ever deletes tweets. He just presses the “Delete” button, and they’re coincidentally deleted by something else entirely.

  4. Does he honestly think that no one took a screen shot or archived that post with the original forged header? Seriously! He must know that both of his forged headers will show up side by side, showing the clearly identified changes he made. What lie will he tell to attempt to save face? How about the always popular “I knew it was forged because I forged it to make the monkeys dance”. Or he will copy and paste the Wikipedia explanation of email headers, explaining how he was right and Hoooooooooooooooooooooge was wrong.
    It’s amazing to watch one human be so stupid and believe he is so smart? Bill Schmalfeldt is a One Man Fail Machine!!!

      • This is quite familiar with these guys and the same steps have played out before. Here’s where we got so far,

        1. Bill Schmalfeld posts amateur forgery,
        2. (Some) problems in the forgery are pointed out to him by laughing onlookers
        3. He posts new fixed forgery that addresses the problems he is aware of

        We just got to the part where he learned those weren’t all the errors in his forgery. Using the past as a guide, he will next say, “Show me where there is a problem [proving it’s an amateur forgery]”. Depending on how much he learns, this likely takes us right back to step 1. That he thinks this “show me where I lied [so I can try a slightly edited lie]” game is convincing illustrates just how far he is divorced from the thought process of normal honest people. It is no surprise such a sick man finds common cause with the perjurer, forger, child molester, and domestic terrorist, Brett Kimberlin.

        But… Schmalfeldt doesn’t really need to be told the variety of ways we can see what he did there. The information is useful to the good guys though. Additionally there are now multiple third party archives of his blog that reflect him posting different versions of the forgery that have different amounts of mistakes in them. You get a very weird picture of this sick man sitting at home in his apartment, painstakingly typing up these forgeries by hand. Instead of passing his time in the ways that honest, normal people do.

    • I guess Bill’s staying up late these days. I’m guessing he spends his evening consulting with his lawyer, then goes off half cocked at the stroke of midnight, which is only 11 in Wisconsin.

      At least Johnny Walker never gives him advice he doesn’t like, unlike Eli and all his pals at AVVO.

  5. Being a bit serious. The purpose of a forgery is not necessarily to fool everyone. It may be to fool just one person, in which case it only needs to fool that person, who may not be on guard against forgery.

    • While the essence of your comment is true, Jeff; the misapplication is that said person must also be ignorant of who Bill Schmalfeldt is. To remedy that, I suggest google Bill Schmalfeldt.

      • Gus

        I appreciate the validity of your comment that anyone who really knows Willie will be on guard for lies and half-truths, but the millions who are fortunate enough not to know him have no reason to be on guard or to look him up on Google. So what we view as transparent nonsense may be directed at someone far more credulous.

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