Prevarication Du Jour

The Cabin Boy™ is trying to dance his way around the trail of evidence of his forging the header he claimed was from an email sent to him by Lynn Thomas.TheMerryWidower201511180643ZAs a commenter has noted, the version of the email header initially posted on the Cabin Boy’s™ blog is not the same as what is there now. However, my analysis was done on what was posted on Twitter, not his blog. (Others have done analyses on the original images from the blog, and those have been consistent with what I found on Twitter.)TheMerryWidower_status_666375731480559616The URL for that tweet is, but it has now been memory-holed.TheMerryWidower_memory_hole

However, the attachments were both downloaded and screenshots were taken of them. Here’s what the header looked like as seen on the original tweet. (Click to embiggen.)TheMerryWidower201511162202attachment2As the Gentle Reader can see, the one intermediate time stamp is 13:51:01 while all the others show hh:15:01 (depending on time zone).

pantsonfireSpoliation of evidence won’t save the Cabin Boy™. Rather, it creates the presumption that the multiple archived copies are true and correct. That presumption is reinforced by his habit of putting potentially embarrassing evidence down the memory hole.

What’s waiting for the Cabin Boy™ in Room 101? The Truth.

UPDATE—I could keep the Cabin Boy™ putting up new versions of the “true” header by dribbling out bits of evidence over time, but I’m not in this as a game of gotcha. He needs to understand that we got him cold on this one. The Vast Hogewash Research Organization has documented the various versions of the header that he’s published. We know when they were created. We know which word processor he used. We know what other tools he used. Etc. I’ll throw out one more bit of information. We know when the original email header he altered was sent: Sunday, 15-Nov-15 19:42:01 UTC. That information is embedded in all the files he has published.

Bill Schmalfeldt is a liar and a forger.


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  1. Something about liars and what they do.

    Would’ve been better if he’d just memory-holed the incident but he always has to double-down on stupid.

  2. Note, also, the red underlining of “spelling errors” – he’s got that text (it was never an email message) open in a word processor!

    It’s photographic evidence that he edited it!

    Plus, he neglected to “fix” the other glaring errors obvious to the knowledgeable, only the trivial one that was a “gimme” from Professor Hoge…

    Dance, monkey!!!

    Give him another clue, so we can see another “true” version of the “email”!

    • On the gripping hand, his “proof” is an email asking him to stop harassing someone. All it would prove, if genuine, is that he’s still a harasser.

  3. We do need to remember we’re dealing with a child who claims a letter he wrote is forged because the signature looks too much like his.

    Yeah, this episode REALLY adds to his credibility.

  4. “Bill Schmalfeldt is a liar and a forger” and a producer of child porn, and a multi adjudicated harasser of women, children, and dead babies

  5. I come here to this site because I’m interested in Kimberlin’s crimes, so naturally I had to learn a little about forgery. I am by no means an expert now but what I’ve seen in CBBS’s forgeries (plural now) on this one matter is actually quite easy to understand as a non-expert. Noticing and understanding the problems with CBBS’s documents – and there are quite a few – does go way faster if you can show it to a people with a certain kind of expertise in image editing, and then there are some more problems that will be quickly noticed by a person with a certain kind of expertise in email handling. Consult your local knowledgable people; they will be able to come up with several absolutely fatal problems in Bill’s forgeries, including even the “fixed” forgery he whipped up right after he saw the recent Team Kimberlin Post of the Day illustrating one of his problems.

    And I clarify: After Hoge made his TKPotD entry some hours ago, Bill quickly DELETED the copies he’d posted of his ORIGINAL version of the forgery; then uploaded new copies including two edits that were supposed to “fix” it (one of which Mr. Hoge pointed out and one CBBS obviously noticed himself), and unbeknownst to him, the header alone still has a fatal error that proves beyond any doubt that it’s a forgery. And I’m not even going to get into the image editing angle, where – I have been shown to beyond my satisfaction – not only is Bill most definitely lying about the documents, but he still hasn’t learned several of the ways he gave that away.

    I am heartened by this episode because I am now almost sure there are similar kinds of flaws, as yet unexamined, in some other things he’s posted in the last couple years, all of which are faithfully preserved in many archives.

    All, I’ve seen this same story play out in other non-Kimberlin connected cases. When you have EVEN ONE forger in a group of criminals, try showing their images and documents to people with special expertise in the type of document and who know deep details of how they are created. You don’t have to say a word to the expert about forgery or what the document is about. Just tell them what it purports to be, and ask them to look at it for a few minutes and say if they see something unusual. It’s amazing some of the things people have found in past incidents. Although frankly Bill’s particular case isn’t very amazing and my own little survey suggests the fatal problems with Bill’s forgery are easily and quickly spotted by those who look at it. And, again, they’re spotting fatal email header inconsistencies in addition to the inconsistencies Bill tried to memory hole last night.

  6. Bad Brain. His disease progresses I suppose, but he’s always had one. I wonder what the monks will do with him when he starts making trouble where he lives. I guess they must be used to the jerkdom of the demented.

  7. That Bill Schmalfeldt forged a header is known. The real question is why he opted to forge the header? Instead of simply attaching a forged body to an actual header he opted to change the timestamp on the header. I see one possible explanation. Lynn Thomas sent him a “no contact” demand. Bill Schmalfeldt punished that demand, be it altered. Had Bill Schmalfeldt contacted Lynn Thomas between the time he received the “no contact” demand and the later time posted on the forged header he could try to claim he hadn’t received the demand yet.

    • Well, one thing’s for sure, the Cabin Boy was in totally over his head. In principle, creating a more convincing forgery would have been possible, although evidently not by him. As for why he needed all these convoluted steps to achieve this total failure result, that could be due to booze, or it could be due to trying to comply to a demand of Kimberlin; who knows exactly how people like that think.

  8. It’s like an episode of Fawlty Towers, minus Sybil trying to restrain Basil from embarking upon yet another cunning plan.

    Stop trying to be clever, Blob. You just aren’t good at it.

  9. Memo to widowers: the most important thing you need to consider about Life, Love, Illness And Death From The POV Of The 10.7 Percent is “HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!!” *shakes fist*

    Public service is so heartwarming!

  10. Hey, c’mon, give Schmalfeldt a break. The guy has to do a different line-up of dances each day, for two different sets of customers.

    First he has to do his willful, convincing dance for Kimberlin upon request.

    Then he has to do his reactionary, convoluted dance for Kimberlin’s perceived enemies, also seemingly upon request.

    Poor guy has a lot of responsibilities.

  11. I’m waiting for the next theory: that someone forged the e-mail, and sent it to him. But Ms. Thomas was in on it, because she can’t be innocent. So she arranged someone else to send the forged e-mail in hopes of trapping Our Hero, but he was too clever, saw through the ploy, and only pretended to be fooled to draw the Real Guilty Parties out.

    Is that stupid enough to pass muster as a Schmalfail?

  12. “So, given the lack of any future exculpatory evidence, …”

    How can a projected lack of something from the future be a given.

    I know; it’s Kyle and his damned pony changing the timeline again, isn’t it?

  13. Ooh, ooh, I know.

    He mocked up a copy of a real e-mail message, dammit, ’cause his copy-and-paste keys weren’t working; yeah, that’s it.

    Won’t you just be embarrassed when he’s able to produce the true original e-mail message once he’s gotten all the spilled JWR cleaned out of is keyboard….

  14. What’s waiting for the Cabin Boy™ in Room 101? The Truth.

    ‘You asked me once,’ said O’Brien, ‘what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.’
    -1984 by George Orwell

  15. I’m actually impressed that Schmallmind is simultaneously able to have his foot in his mouth and his head buried so far up his own ass without violating the laws of physics.

    • Physics? No.
      Anatomy? If it were human, probably; since it’s a testicle footed, penis headed … thing; I dunno.

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  17. And let us not forget the other proof that @happy-its-wife-is-deadTheMerryWidower forged the document/header: Look up sha-256. The Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) in the header does not match the SHA of the message he displays. Forget the multiple screw-ups on the time stamps – the message and the header are two different entities entirely.

    There is a reason why email headers look like a bunch of junk – so they can’t be easily forged. For someone outside a professional hacker group to even try is going to lead to epic failure like this.

    • A professional hacker group would do it the easy way, they would hack your email account and use it to send the forgery.

      • Indeed. Or alternately, use an anonymizer to ‘fake’ the email address.Those used to be pretty funny back in the day.

      • There are a dozen ways to create a validly formatted “fake” email – none of which Bill knows or understands.

        The main thing he needs to know is, should he ever try to use such evidence in a lawsuit (or to convince the police a crime has been committed), the very first thing the defense is going to do is subpoena the mail servers in the headers for the message contents *as they passed through the servers*, in order to validate the contents of the evidence presented under penalty of perjury.

        It’s all fine and good (read: slimy and despicable) for Bill to attempt to gull the gullible with his manufactured emails.

        The courts will have a dimmer view.

        • No fact finder is going to be the slightest bit interested in Blob’s altered screen grabs. You got an email? Let’s see the complete original email. You say you don’t have it anymore? Then you didn’t get an email.

          • Or call her a twat or the c word. I hear lady judges love that.

  18. Gentle, Most Generous Host, could this be best summarized as someone trying to set out a honey pot, but instead falling into the honey wagon?

  19. Bill

    Is the office following your twit feed and blog now? wonder how they are going to process your telling the world that I am going to be sued by their organization for your child porn-scout rape children gagged and raped satire distribution from their grounds.

    What was the name of the kind officer that you played it for – was it the same officers that sat on your non existent porch back in Maryland and said nice things to you too?

    Also, why did you erase the Dirty S blog with all those articles about them and me and how I was going to jail for contacting them except that you knew no one contacted them. Funny that again, no one has contacted me, either the sheriff nor the masters of Juniper Court.

    Bill, did you tell them about your plans to transmit Scout Rape fantasies from their premises before you moved in? Do the other residents know that you are doing that? If not they soon will.

    How come you keep deleting stuff? Why go to all that work and then delete it? Is it because it may have very negative consequences?

    I ask this is the open and legal manner of the Acme school of intrusive and repetitive investigative journalism.

    Did the lawyers from the Hatch act in DC get ahold of you as well?


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  21. The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 23h23 hours ago
    The state of Wisconsin PROTECTS elderly and disabled folks, @mayberryville and canine cretin. I’ve lived here three months, They KNOW me.

    They also don’t like child porn stories of raping children binding them gagging them and urinating on them……


    You know what’s amazing about those results? What really shines like a beacon in the darkness?

    10 people voted in his poll. Only ONE voted the way he expected that “They face charges.” ONE PERSON.

    Nine people voted that he would be evicted/thrown out of his apartment.

    So out of all Bills excellent friends who was the one brave soul who voted to stand up and support him? And who were he is so-called friends that voted against him?… that is if they even took the time to vote and show some support, however meager, to their pal. It’s an anonymous online poll you are supporting not like driving a guy to court every month! How hard is it to log in to twitter click a button and then go on your way? And yet they couldn’t even manage to do that for Bill.

    Matt Osborne… William Ferguson… that Harada person… BK himself? That’s like 4 slam dunk votes Bill should have had. He still only managed to pull ONE. ONE VOTE!!

    Nice friends he has there.

    My sides are in orbit. ;D

  23. Someone is trying to explain to Roger Shuler that a landlord doesn’t have to renew an expiring lease, even when it has terms at expiration converting to a month to month lease, as long as the required notice is given. That man is bonkers.

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