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The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt insists on making his opponent’s case.TheMerryWidower201511162292ZThe alleged email from Lynn Thomas attached to that tweet contains a no-contact request. At the very least, that tweet prevents the Cabin Boy™ from saying that he never received such a request from Mrs. Thomas.

However, it is more likely that the text of the email is a forgery. The style of writing is very much unlike Mrs. Thomas’s, but it is quite like the Cabin Boy’s™. Indeed, Mrs. Thomas would be unlikely to refer to herself as an “obviously ill woman,” and she would be unlikely to use the term DUMBFUCK, even to describe the Cabin Boy™. Moreover, the Cabin Boy™ has a track record of altering documents, and there appear to be technical inconsistencies between the text and header of the alleged email. Also, there is a piece of evidence external to the email that makes if extremely unlikely that Mrs. Thomas could be the author. It will be interesting to see how the Cabin Boy™ tries to talk his way out of the mess he’s created for himself.

If, as I believe, the alleged email is a forgery, the Cabin Boy will not enjoy the consequences.

UPDATE—A second forensic analysis of the images posted confirms the opinion that the text of the email is a forgery.

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    • Depicting William in a bathroom stall implies that he makes it to the toilet to make bigs 100% of the time, which we know isn’t the case.

  1. Every time Bill gets it in his head that he is the least bit smart, he proves to everyone, once again, he is and always will be The World’s Stupidest Man™

    I’m sure he is glad his parents aren’t around to see that he is even a bigger failure then he was when he did the thing that caused Papa Schmalfeldt to flee Iowa.

  2. It’s a very, very obvious forgery. You’d think these loony leftists would have learned from Rathergate, but apparently not.

  3. FORENSIC ANALYSIS? Did IV look at it for you and declare it untrue. I see that Eric Johnson has reclaimed his spot on your sucking order as “bannablelecturer”. How cute. Hoge, the fact that you so strongly deny it and that you KNOW she would never use words like that and are so familiar with her writing style removes any lingering doubt I had about its authenticity. I’m more sure than ever. But you rock on, big daddy, and lie for your morons. If you told them it was raining gumdrops they’d run outside with candy dishes.

      • Why should I spend my money when the Board of Directors here at the nunnery is going to take down your little enterprise for me? Now, I know you will assume this is not true, and that is jake with me. But I spent a leisurely hour this afternoon with the manager and a Milwaukee police officer who were concerned about my safety. See, I thought y’all were just being a bunch of clit-headed fools when you claimed you were trying to get me booted out of here. You must have forgotten that they did a thorough background check and credit check on me, and we discussed you cortex-impaired wonders the day I signed the lease. So, what do you do. You perform the VERY DEFINITION of criminal harassment with repeated phone calls and letters filled with your lies. Cindy just ignored them. But today, when one of you unwiped bottoms THREATENED TO IMPLICATE HER IN MY EVIL WRONG DOINGS? Let’s just say it had the opposite effect. Cindy notified the Sisters and the Board of Directors, they got the corporate lawyer on the phone… NOT to evict ME… but to shut YOUR little defamation factory down. You know the number. Call her tomorrow and ask her how the chat with me and the nice Milwaukee cop went. Best part is, you’re going down and it didn’t cost me a nickel.

        GO AHEAD, SWEETIE! She’s in the office from 9:30 to noon.

        That last post about “we are going to destroy him regardless” really went a long way with the police officer.

        CALL HER. Then, start raiding whatever pathetic savings you have.


        • Are they NINJANUNS?

          If not, pffft. I ain’t worried. You know why?

          #1. You lie.
          #2. You’re a cowardly pussy with a very tiny bag of ash for a brain.
          #3. When you execute Rule 1, you are so bad at it that EVERYBODY KNOWS IT.
          #4. Your internet badass act is played out and doesn’t work anymore. Like SGotCU. And your dick.
          #5. You actually believe a legal department whose purview is protecting your landlord isn’t going to throw you under a bus at the first opportunity. You got one cold fucking winter to look forward to if Idaho Street doesn’t take you in.

        • Cindy just ignored them by calling the police, Blob? That sounds kinda odd.
          Do you suppose she Googled you?
          Do you suppose that Catholic Board would prefer their very own copy of End Times: A Comedy or Can You BE A Tea Party Member and STILL Call Yourself CHRISTIAN?
          Do you think Cindy would pick for them if someone sent both?

          How any times have uniformed cops showed up for you since you moved in?

        • One more question: Do you think Cindy should know that you’re urging people to call her?

          OK, just one more: Does Cindy know that you think she’s your new MOMMY!!!?

        • Where to begin?

          First of all, when some astute observer noted that the nunnery may in fact be complicit in your criminal acts, at that point, the manager had no choice but to inform their attorneys. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t seem to realize that the attorney’s interest in this case will be to defend the legal interests of their client the nunnery. Their first actions aren’t going to be shutting down Bill Schmalfeldt’s enemies, but, rather, to ask if to extent there is criminal activity would they in fact be liable? They are going to ask questions such as, “Does Bill Schmalfeldt subscribe to an internet service; or, does the building provide it to him gratis;” and, “Does Bill Schmalfeldt deliver his own mail to the post office; or does the nunnery assist in its delivery?”

          Second, Bill Schmalfeldt has deluded himself into believing that the nunnery’s attorneys will go after the TMZ blog. I seriously doubt that after addressing any potential liability they would take any action whatsoever. The only action I would consider likely is a suggestion to have Bill Schmalfeldt expelled at the first possible opportunity unrelated to the current matter.

          Third, Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t seem to grasp that we are all Paul Krendler here. To the extent that anyone is shut down from blogging it will not be for blogging. If the current iteration of “Paul Krendler” is gagged for actions unrelated to blogging, someone here is apt to step forward and be the next “Paul Krendler.” You can silence a person. You can’t silence an idea.

          • The board of directors will act to protect their employe and tenants. Not me specifically. And I ain’t going anywhere. They love me here,

          • “Bill Schmalfeldt expelled at the first possible opportunity unrelated to the current matter.”

            Pay attention, Cousin. The above is the KEY point.

            Best keep your nose clean, or you won’t be under their roof for another three months.

            Keep in mind, also, that their interests come before your interests, and that their lawyers have already alerted management on how to “handle” you.

            I know this, because I own rental properties…

            They’ll say what you want to hear, but if it not down on paper, they’re not bound by it.

    • This coming from a guy who claims to know who forged “his” signature and where it came from. One of the funny things about you, blob, is that you always give yourself away by how hard you try to convince everyone it wasn’t your own shoddy work. Kinda like Brett fighting to clear his name of SWATting when no one accused him of it.

  4. There are at least three phrases in the email text that confirm it as DUMBFUCK’S writing:

    1. “my pet project”
    2. “who do you think a judge or jury will believe”
    3. “you can’t use this because you can’t prove it’s real”

    And yes, that is aside from the other TERRIBLY OBVIOUS bits of evidence that are being discussed…ELSEWHERE.


    • And assholes should be aware that local LEO will pay a visit to suspected domestic abuse, especially against a slow witted son and cancer suffering wife. Oops.

  5. Forensic evidence like the kind you used in your super definitive concrete evidence involving your “swatting” Hoggy? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You fucking loser. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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