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        • I always likened his name to the “the shame I felt” and it always fits him perfectly.

          He is the posterboy for insignificance and pent up frustration of a lifetime of personal failure. His anger at himself has led to repurposing his rage as he is incapable of taking the ownership of his constant inability to chose his friends and his crusades wisely.

  1. Poor Bill, about to get caught in another lie and caught forging shit again. He’ll never learn.

      • He’ll quit when his Pedo Master tells him he can quit. I have to wonder what Brett is holding over Bill’s head to keep getting him to step on his crank and look like the stupid fool over and over and over.

        Maybe Brett knows what Roy does???

        • He just loves to dance. Doesn’t matter who’s calling the tune, be it PK or TDPK, just so long as the band plays on…

          • This type of idiotic crap has been Schmalfeldt’s bread & butter(and mayo) for a decade or longer. Imagine not having any friends or family that include you in their lives. Imagine pissing off all your former co-workers to the point that no one will respond to your emails or return your calls. Imagine that you didn’t plan properly during your working years so money is very tight. Preventing you from a normal retirement of travel, leisure, service and fulfillment.

  2. EXCELLENT! Please post this irrefutable evidence so I can QUICKLY clear Ms. Thomas of being the vile real life personage known as “Paul Krendler.” QUICKLY! I can not let another moment go by without knowing which rat in your midst sent the allegedly contrived e-mail. It might be the same person who forged my signature on a letter that I did not write. TELL us, oh Omniscient One! Proove your proof with the mighty proofing of your proofiness!

    I’ll wait.

  3. Until Schmallballs is in jail or sucking down the barrel of a .45 he will continue to demonstrate why recidivism is so high among the ugly child-raping fantasists demographic.

  4. Bill Schmalfeldt, a known liar, caught again in another lie? Why, it’s as if he doesn’t care what people think about him. And when he acts insulted and outraged it’s just an act. Like Bunny Boy’s writings. And Puppy Boy’s concern trolling. Just a bunch of fakery from Team Kimberlin.

    They’ll try something else tomorrow. Got to keep the doggie biscuits trickling in.

  5. Yes, Hoge, it is absolutely your responsibility to prevent The Fail Whale© from embarrasing himself. If you allow him to make a fool of himself it’ll prove what a horrible monster you are.

    While you have smiled at your admition that you are indeed left handed, The Fail Whale©, is left brained. He’s not quite sure where his brain has gone to. But it has definitely left.

    • Shouldn’t you be getting you big lawsuit ready, the one you promised would be forthcoming if you ever figured out who Krendler was? Nut up or shut up. Or are you incapable of either?

      I mean, you say you have no doubts left. So let’s see it, tough guy.

      • See that is where DUMBFUCK runs into problems. He could file a lawsuit, but then he’d have to explain the OTHER lawsuits he filed where he claimed, under penalty of perjury, to know exactly who Krendler was. He’s named someone different each time. As a matter of fact, his Pedo Master has claimed, under penalty of perjury, that Krendler is Hoge. I’m not sure why Bill, the child rape fantasist, is insisting it must be someone else. That’s a slap in the face to the Pedo Leader.

  6. The funny part is that most of us have already seen the evidence by now. And coupled with the forged header (someone should look up what a checksum is), we all know Bill Schmalfeldt is lying. So his bravado that someone will flip on the rest is shown to be even most baseless bragging. Sad, actually. Pitiful, even. No: pathetic. The Lying of Lebanon is at it again.

    Or Bill can try to prove he is telling the truth by filing that civil suit against the real identity of Paul Krendler that Bill said he would. It is going to be the bestest of the best, and result in “Paul” going to jail. (For a civil suit? Huh!)

    As they say: Money talks. Bullshit walks.

    • It really is amazing trying to follow what passes for logic here:

      1. Fake an email from LT
      2. Get caught immediately due to terminal ineptitude
      3. Assume that LT is going to admit participation in a non-existant criminal conspiracy with HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!!! because of fake email.

      What. A. DUMBFU*K.

      • It’s like that Two Stupid Dogs episode where Liitle Dog is trying to convince a cat to leave the alley so he puts on a cat hand puppet and tells the cat there’s food across the street–then goes across the street himself looking for the food and, not finding any, blames the cat–“Big fat liar cat.”

        It’s a classic. Who knew the creator stole it from the fevered imaginings of one BS?

    • Exactly who is going to “flip” on whom? And why?

      Howard Earl imputed(?) that Bill’s late wife was bringing in tax free revenue to supplement his on loss of income. Krendler found that amusing and ran with it. Some folks find that funny. Others (not me) think that describing the pederastic abuse of boy scouts is funny. Some consider that sick and morally wrong. YMMV.

        • Gee, and just yesterday you were calling me a legal scholar…

          For the record, my legal pedigree is IANAL. And for those on Team Evil, there is no comma space between the I and the first A, so don’t get too excited.

          • Ah, I see. That makes sense. No problem.

            Actually I suspect Bill has had a hard time replacing Mark in MD, since “William in Wisconsin” would be too obvious. Wait, this is Bill we’re talking about…too obvious is a starting point for him…

  7. As long as doggie is barking, who here thinks it was a good idea to threaten my apartment manager on the telephone today? Who are the board of directors more likely to believe. Their long-time manager? Or anonymous dickheads on the phone and in the mail. How about the police officer who listened to both of my alleged kiddy porn comedy bits who called the accuser “crazy”? Does anyone here think that certain members of their group are so STUPID that they would harass a board of directors affiliated with the Sisters of Saint Francis of Assisi and their long-time apartment manager? You are about to find out,

  8. The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 4m4 minutes ago
    (1/2) Heres a question. When certain shit heads go too far in their zeal to get me thrown out of my apartment and they threaten the manager?

    The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 3m3 minutes ago
    (2/3) Will the end result be…? The board of directors here has a bone to pick with some numbskulls,

    The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 1m1 minute ago
    I played the alleged “kiddie porn” comedy bits for the nice police officer. “Wait, no pictures? No actual kids? That’s not even porn!”

    Of course it happened that way, cause Bill said it did……..

  9. The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 12s13 seconds ago
    The manager has the corporate lawyer and the board backing her up, they are going to protect me as well as the other tenants, @Mayberryville

    The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 1m1 minute ago
    Or did you just decide you wanted to be either sued or criminally charged for harassment, @mayberryville and doggy? Because, guess what.

    The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 2m2 minutes ago
    …did a THOROUGH background and credit check on me, right, @Mayberryville and Canis Moronica? Did that thought cross your mind at all?

    The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 4m4 minutes ago
    All because you couldn’t just let me live in peace, @mayberryville and dipshit. All because you wanted me thrown out. You DO realize they

    The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 5m5 minutes ago
    Do you think threatening her was a good idea, @Mayberryville and moron? And do you realize just what you’ve done to yourselves?

    The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 1m1 minute ago
    And then sit down with the board’s attorney to file civil or criminal harassment charges against the both of you, @mayberryville and idiot?

    The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 2m2 minutes ago
    Of did you consider, perhaps, that she would gather your letters, make notes of your phone calls, meet with the board, @mayberryville & dog.

    The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 3m3 minutes ago
    Did you really think this woman with a board of directors solidly backing her would give into your demands, @mayberryville and dog stool?

    The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 4m4 minutes ago
    The state of Wisconsin PROTECTS elderly and disabled folks, @mayberryville and canine cretin. I’ve lived here three months, They KNOW me.

    The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 5m5 minutes ago
    Did you really believe this good, godly woman was going to toss me out into the rain on your sayso with invented evidence @mayberryville?

    The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 7m7 minutes ago
    …if she and the board of directors didn’t throw me out into the street? What in the fuck is WRONG with you, @mayberryville and idiot?

    The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 8m8 minutes ago
    …hate me SO MUCH they would threaten this good woman with dragging her name through the same mud mine was dragged thru, @mayberryville,

    The Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 9m9 minutes ago
    …make a GROWN WOMAN CRY, and have her call the police to make sure I’m protected, just because @mayberryville and his idiot cohort,,,

    Merry Widower ‏@TheMerryWidower · 10m10 minutes ago
    Question for @mayberryville (not allowed to ask your partner in crime). Why, in God’s name, would you and your fellow idiot work SO HARD…

    • Hey wait a minute…. didn’t a certain Stolen Valor, Mayo-covered, six shots of whiskey in his coffee fellow contact a certain non-profit on multiple occasions in order to harass (and try to get fired!) someone who may or may not have said not so nice things on the internet about him? Why I think he did!

      Self-awareness fail in 3….2…1…


      • You are absolutely correct. The ONLY person with anything to lose in this “Cindy Situation” is Bill Schmalfeldt and the employee who conducted his background screen. No one else has any legal exposure, regardless of what Bill Schmalfeldt, esq., Twitter Attorney at Law, believes to be the case. I wonder if Billy included the 6 legal protective orders in 5 states by multiple people over the past 2-3 years. I heard a rumor over at the Bunny Boy Unread comment section that Bill might have a few more protective orders from a couple new players heading his way.

        • Now, now, be fair. One of those orders was only put in place after he moved in.

          Still, it does seem a major error on the part of whoever did the background check to miss the 3 (4?) active orders at the time of the application.

          • It’s the Blob’s good fortune not to have a criminal record, which is probably all they really checked.

      • ROTFL. Come on, three months. They’re just starting to wonder about the rattle of all the empties going out on garbage day. It probably hasn’t occurred to them yet to Google the new dude on the 1st floor.

      • That’s… not likely a point in his favor.

        You’d think by now, with the Navy, work, life, family experience, he’d be noticing a pattern here…

  10. He posted photos of the home of a single woman in Texas, a disabled vet, and compared her to the Balck Dahlia, a woman who was horribly murdered. This is how Bill Schmalfeldt champions women.

  11. How is that every time I turn around for an afternoon, William’s gripped by a new hallucination that all of his enemies are going to pay before the almighty bar of the law?

    Ummmm, “bar.”

    Delirium tremens is a tragedy, i’m sure, but it’s so much better than TV.

    • Like they’d actually spend money playing MOMMY!!! to Blob. Right. I’d be amazed if they go so far as to draft a C&D.

    • If they do have the corporate lawyer involved he will find out about “the Merry Widower” committing copyright infringement and fraud while living at their faculty.

      • Wouldn’t he be using their internet access, as well?

        Wonder what that AUP says.

        Betcha their lawyer knows.

      • Why would they care about that? It’s not their business to vet his writing, and they would never have any legal culpability for it. Providing wifi to tenants in return for consideration, doesn’t make them culpable. That’s not true for anything illegal or improper but that’s not likely to be of much interest to them.

        • Providing wifi to tenants in return for consideration, doesn’t make them culpable

          That’s not quite correct, especially if they’ve been placed on notice about a specific issue.

          Prior to becoming aware, you’re mostly right, but once they’re aware, (regardless of who called, they’ve definitely been made aware at this point) it changes rather dramatically.

        • Somewhere in that lease Bill signed, their is most likely, there is a provision in the lease that states that the tenant needs to comply with the law. He has for all intents and purposes broken his lease and they can evict him with no problems.
          He did not read the TOS.

  12. Does Bill actually expect anyone to believe any of that? In Bill’s world someone is always just about to rat someone out. Someone is always just about to go to jail. In Bill’s world he’s smart. In other words, Bill’s world only exists in his imagination.

    Hey Bill, can you give us the incident report from the nice police man? I’d personally like to check out your story. BTW, did you keep from pissing yourself in abject terror this time?

  13. While you’re at it, Bill, why don’t you post the entire message source of the purported email from Ms. Thomas? Not just a screenshot of the headers and another screenshot of the purported message text?

    • Is he doing that lame routine yet again? He always posts bits and pieces and incomplete unsigned documents and then screams PROOF at the top of his whiskey gravel voice.
      There’s a reason some call him DF.

    • Render him homeless?

      Wouldn’t his sister take him in? I’m sure she has room for him in her home and would welcome him with loving arms.

      What about his adult age biological children? Wouldn’t they happily take him in to their homes during this cold holiday season?

      Why couldn’t he simply move back into the property (Tincasa!) he owns in Maryland? Or is he afraid that he may face legal repercussions by going back in that state… or is it true that TJ was the rightful owner of the trailer after Gail passed and sent Biwwy packing?


    • Bill Schmalfeldt again retreats into his comfort zone where he has the whip hand, and, all those before him ought tremble. That’s Bill Schmalfeldt’s reality because Bill Schmalfeldt has chosen that reality. In the other reality, aka the real world, Bill Schmalfeldt position is, shall we say, a bit more tenuous. There is not much point in noting these facts to Bill Schmalfeldt because Bill Schmalfeldt has abandoned reason for madness. One can only note the truth for the record.

      Alas, since Bill Schmalfeldt is already under an active restraining order in Illinois, we will be denied the satisfaction of him being adjudicated by yet another state as an harasser. That is not to say we won’t derive a great deal of satisfaction.

  14. I once had a dog who would chase his tail for hours. Once, he caught it and bit really hard. Then he yelped. Never chased it again.

    That dog was smarter than Bill.

    Bill’s the only life form ever spawned who kicks himself in his own balls and thinks he’s hurting HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE.

    Which is why he does it again and again and again.

    • I once had a dog who chased a squirrel. The squirrel got halfway through the chain link fence when the dog got it by the tail. Had the dog merely pulled, she would have had a squirrel. Instead she barked defiance, and the squirrel got away.

      That dog was also smarter than Bill.

      That dog came close to achieving some success, but was thwarted by a useless bellow of defiance. Bill skips the success part and just bellows about HOOGGEE!!!

  15. Based on past observations IMHO I would have to say that the events did not transpire as descried.

    This quote from one of my favorite books fits Bill S. to a t:

    “That one wants to piss with the big dogs, but I don’t think he can raise his leg high enough.”

  16. You know, he’d be a lot more intimidating if his track record in court wasn’t utter shit.

    Honestly, I think Derek Smart is wiser than Cabin Boy. And Smart has had a reputation since the days of Usenet for being completely batshit crazy.

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