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This blog is about whatever topics I find interesting, and one of those topics is the First Amendment. Among its provisions, that Amendment prohibits the government from infringing on the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. It does not, however, restrict the editorial policy of this site. The general rules governing the site can be found by clicking on The Fine Print in the menu bar, but I want to reiterate one specific rule not found there: Derogatory comments about the family members of a controversial person who are not themselves a part of the controversy will not be tolerated on Hogewash!—that being said, I have no control over the speech or writings of third parties that is not posted to this site.  TheMerryWidower201511160615ZI can advise against certain behaviors and point out that I don’t engage in them myself, but I can’t order anyone to say or not say or to write or not write anything elsewhere.

Bill Schmalfeldt is a deranged cyberstalker. He is a liar. He is someone who is untrustworthy, who fails to live up to his commitments or abide by agreements he has signed. He had the opportunity to make a clean start when he fled from Maryland to Wisconsin. He appears to have wasted that opportunity.

Murum aries attigit.

64 thoughts on “Reiterating Editorial Policy

  1. He is a harasser of women, children, and the elderly: PE Mason, who received a call out of the blue, accusing her of being Howard Earl; Mrs. Walker, whose photo he posted when he was editor of Breitbart Unmasked; the lady in Dallas whom BS delights in accusing of prostitution, and upon whom he sicced several law enforcement agencies including CPS; the lady in New Mexico who he promised would have her children taken away if she did not cooperate with him; the 12 year old daughter who answered the phone when BS called, believing that her father, another faildox, was Howard Earl; Mrs. Causey, another innocent faildox victim, whose picture he photoshopped onto male genitalia, photoshopped a skull onto a photo of her infant, and whose employer he called; AgileDog’s wife, to whom he sent a gruesome photo – at a public work email box; and yesterday, the elderly father of someone his excellent friend doesn’t like.

    He is a bigot who refers to the Asian wife (an attorney) of a man he dislikes as a “mail order bride.”

    He is a Christophobe, who routinely smears Christians with falsehoods.

    He is a racist who calls a black man a “manservant” while mocking that man’s mother (also an attorney) while suggesting she was a whore.

    He has perverted sexual fixations, which led him to write, record, and sell not one, not two, but THREE “parodies” discussing the torture and sexual abuse of Cub Scouts.

    He is a perjurer, having lied in documents he filed with the courts and the copyright office.

    He is a plagiarist, stealing material from others en toto, and claiming authorship.

    I could go on, but life calls. Anyone care to pick up? By the way, I have archives to support every allegation I have made.

    • Harasser of women…

      Lest we forget his attack of Jeanette Runyon after he royally faild0xed her as me. The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt tweeted and posted to his blog the most horrific and vile insults and accusations, and then went so far as to contact her local law enforcement to make false claims about her and her character.

      Team Kimberlin Rectal Mouthpiece Bill Schmalfeldt is one evil, evil monster. And, he will NEVER stop his unhinged harassment and abuse of others until: (1) he is once-and-for-all legally restrained from doing so by law enforcement and the courts, or; (2) the bloated bag of shit just up and dies.

      I (being but one of MANY, MANY, MANY people!) truly believe the world will become a FAR, FAR better place the very day either one of those two events occur.

      Yeah. I know. I know. Death threat eleventy!!1!!1! *yawn*

  2. His projection is amazing, and what this tells you about the “myth” of “Team Kimberlin”, is instructive.

    Obviously, the people following this and commenting on this are directed by -someone-.

    Like he is.

    Having no idea of decency, other than a one-way lever against people, it can’t occur to him what’s happening here.

    Which is why he makes up the must absurd allegations – appealing to emotions and ethics he is exempt from (he’s special, and on a mission, and doggone it, people like him.)

    It really is textbook.

  3. For someone who tries to defend the honor of his wife, he seems to forget that he paraded her around with reckless abandon, especially in the final moments of her life, removing any dignity she had left.

    The only person who is hurting his wife if Bill. He continues to use her as a shield for his filthy and disgusting activities. He goes after people who have done nothing to her. He feels as if he has some right to harm other people under the misguided notion that he knows and understands chivalry. He knows nothing of it.

    And sadly, he is losing the battle each day. The more he continues, the more he reduces whatever goodness she has left, her name replaced by “poor girl who married Bill Schmalfeldt.”

    • I didn’t know that you could “slut-shame” someone who wasn’t a slut.

      I have never suggested that his wife was anything but faithful in her marriage to him (though you do have to wonder about a woman who will sleep with a man on the first date, while he is still married and with her child in the house), but I find it odd that by the very terms he uses, he seems to be agreeing with those who have accused her of infidelity.

      • Slut-shaming is a non existent activity derived by the PC left that does not exist. It is a fanciful description designed to silence an opposing view.

        It is impossible to actually do.

        • I see what you mean; the PC left likes to claim that women are being “victimized!!” by being “slut-shamed”, but they themselves complain about the practice by acting (or supporting those acting) in ways that any sane girl or woman would consider, well, slutty.

          It is not unreasonable to conclude that those who claim they are being slut-shamed suspect on some subconscious level that they are indeed behaving like sluts. And it is also reasonable to think that by complaining that his late wife is being slut-shamed, BS too feels that she behaved in that fashion.

  4. One need only read his timeline (Act now! This offer ends without a moment’s notice) for his descriptions of Jack Idema which are designed to hurt his most recent faildox victims to understand what a hypocritical douchecanoe the Cabin Boy is.

    Schmalfeldt doesn’t have feelings to be hurt over SGotCU. As Popehat so appropriately noted:

    Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have principles. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have values. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have beliefs. Bill Schmalfeldt has enemies, and then nothing, a black and dank and empty void of sullenness.

    Being a cry bully, everything is either a weapon or something to whine about for him.

  5. He displays here his usual tendency to want and demand very strong hierarchies. Demads, orders, minions, disciples, flunkies, these are all words showing his attitudes as to how things should be arranged. The classic portrait off a dictatorial personality. Thank God he never got any power in life to do anything serious. This guy is the living example of George Orwelll’s essay “Who Goes Nazi”.

  6. Mr. Hoge, I realize it is not your style, but the streetified version of your mic drop has such a nice ring to it; I thought I’d go ahead and run it by you.

    Murum aries attigit, Bitch.

  7. Whenever I venture to his Twitter timeline, I feel the need to shower soon thereafter. What a pathetic excuse of a human being

  8. We are all responsible for our own behaviors. Bill does not see this, as he has always been able to imagine that his actions are caused by others.
    Nasty people on the XMFan forum, mean people who support Gov. Walker, Krendler, Hoge, Stranahan, Howard Earl, lots of others. They’ve all made him mad, then made him dance. I’ve suggested taking a walk, or powering down the computer, but he ignores.

    • There has always been someone pulling the strings of Blob’s enemies, some higher being responsible for the conspiracy to torment him. He should stop to consider that it might be coming from The Very Top. #OnlyGodKnowsWhy

    • We live in one of two realities. Either, Lynn Thomas settled with Brett Kimberlin and disappeared from the scene, or she settled with Brett Kimberlin and doubled down against Bill Schmalfeldt. The latter would put Lynn Thomas in a much better light than, say, The Franklin Center.

      If Bill Schmalfeldt has endeavored to rehabilitate the reputation of Lynn Thomas what incentive does Lynn Thomas have to deny the accusation as untrue? Nor, does any Lynn Thomas, or anyone here, have any obligation to participate in the doxxing process by allowing Bill Schmalfeldt to play “20 questions [though I can’t imagine Bill Schmalfeldt limiting himself to 20,000 questions.]”

    • Bill vomits out tweets: “Feckless old liar WJJHogeIII deigns to preach morality? “Y’all go ahead and keep slagging Schmalfeldt’s late wife. Not my concern.”

      Bill is actually correct – WJJ Hoge is not responsible for the statements (or actions) of others – if they are not directed at him, they are not his concern. Bill Schmalfeldt does not recognize that we are each responsible for our own actions – he would then be responsible for his vile behavior, and he can’t have that.

      Bill is a soulless, lying crap-weasel, who only has enemies and handlers. It really sucks to be him. I can understand if he really does drink too much.

  9. Other than Bill Schmalfeldt’s word, and we all know what that is worth (eye roll), has anyone ever confirmed with SGofCU that she did indeed sleep with “tiny” on their first date as he often alleges?

  10. I wish he’d make up his mind on whether we’re all socks or minions. If I’m a sock, I don’t have to rake all those damn leaves. If I’m a minion, I probably have to rake John’s leaves.

    • The chart is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen. Remember when BS insisted that Howard was Chris Heather, and someone had to prove he wasn’t? Faildox, again. Paging Howard Earl! How many times has he misidentified you?

    • How the hell do you get so stupid that you think having two yes legs and two no legs out of a decision box makes any sense whatsoever? Seriously, I thought they taught people better than that by 8th grade. Oh, sorry, forgot Schmally probably didn’t finish high school. I hear his family had to move suddenly. I’ll bet Roy knows why……

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