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Most of the posts that have been memory-holed by Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Boy Unread are from the era when Bill Schmalfeldt was editor. Indeed, so much of the Cabin Boy’s™ work has been trashed, he’d be an unperson were it not for some of his recent comments to Bunny Boy’s posts.

OTOH, one can understand the embarrassment (and potential liabilities) that could stem from having posts like this on one’s website.BU20130415bombthreatThe post not only misrepresented Aaron Walker’s comment on the Boston Marathon Bombing, Team Kimberlin tried use the comment section to spin a tale connecting me to a bomb threat to a Carroll County courthouse. The following comment by “Texas Tim” took the post way over the top.

The Maryland/FBI Fusion Center is working overtime tonight and Aaron Walker and his patsy William Hoge would be naive to think that they are not getting a real hard look after what happened in Carroll County at 8:30 am this morning. Someone called the county saying that a bomb had been placed outside the Courthouse. This caused the District and Circuit courts to be evacuated and shut down for the entire day while bomb teams searched the area.

So what is making the Fusion Center focus on Walker and Hoge? Well, Hoge’s criminal charges against Rauhauser, Schmalfeldt and Kimberlin were scheduled to be dismissed at 9:00 am in that very Carroll County Courthouse. This, combined with Hoge/Walker’s recent attack on Howard County prosecutors, has some in the intel/LE community convinced that they are behind the bomb threat in order to get back at the Carroll County judges and prosecutors.

Walker and Hoge have a history of attacking anyone who does not agree with them, even for the smallest slight. Well, now that MO is coming back to haunt them.

And to think that Mr. Hoge was not even in the intel database a year ago…..

In fact, the Carroll County bomb threat was made by a Pennsylvania woman who had a court date for driving without a license. Carroll County Sheriff’s detectives quickly identified her, and she was arrested by police in Pennsylvania.

straight jacketAs bizarre as the Texas Tim comment seems, it’s really no more wacky that any of Brett Kimberlin’s other claims about Aaron Walker or me. According to his latest hallucinations, I’ve moved from being on that intelligence watch list to being an intelligence operative or contractor tasked with watching him.

I couldn’t make that kind of stuff up if I tried.

11 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. “Texas Tim” stinks of Rauhauser’s rancid breath. Now there’s a guy who’s never darkened the doorstep of a dentist’s office.

  2. As a lurker and one who takes amusement in this drama, it occurs to me that those of use who take a tangential interest in the Kimberlin/Smelt clusterfuck actually owe you a debt.

    Although entertaining beyond the daily news, I’ve realized you deserve a big Thank You for taking on this work. If it weren’t for you, and a couple other high-profile bloggers/lawyers, Team Dumbshite would be free to wreak havoc in untold ways to the less suspecting. Perhaps far and wide. Beyond the current box to which they are confined.

    Kimberlin and his goons are a smaller battle in the larger conflict. But a battle nonetheless.

    For that I thank you, and others, for fighting and running interference on these duplicitous gashes and for keeping them twisted in their own binds, unable to spread their venom more generally than they would wish. God knows I would hate to spend my breath dealing with them.

    I also now feel obliged to hit the tip jar for your yeomans work.
    (but truth be told, it will be a pittance)
    And I encourage others to show such appreciation.

    For what it’s worth: Thanks

  3. Over the years I’ve been astounded at the number of experts that have posted comments over at PedoHelper Unread. They seem to have so many people that are experts in tax law, copyright law, what the FBI is doing, what is going on in judges chambers. It’s amazing how much they know.

    Oh right, they are just sock puppets making shit up in the Pedo’s orders. Damn, it must really suck to know you life has so little meaning and you have so little dignity that you are consigned to writing farcical comments on a blog no one except people debunking it read on the orders of a convicted bomber, admitted military saboteur, and adjudicated pedophile.

    I guess drunk and stupid really is how some people go through life.

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