Speaking From Personal Experience …

… I can say that Bluehost is particularly good at handling complaints about Terms of Service violations. Back in 2013, a website hosted by Bluehost published several images of me that violated their ToS. The site was taken down very quickly. Having said that, I note that themerrywidow dot com is hosted by Bluehost and that Bluehost’s ToS contains this:bluehostTOS5Information about reporting ToS violations to Bluehost can be found here.

17 thoughts on “Speaking From Personal Experience …

  1. Logic: Bill does something sneaky, which requires him to use his real name/address. SOMEONE ELSE posts the information, and Dianna, Dave and David are in Bill’s crosshairs.
    By the way, Bill already posted a picture of his front window, his latest lab reports, photos of last year’s colonoscopy and photos of at least one loved one ziplocked for eternity. (Slight exaggeration.)

  2. If Bill Scmalfeldt publishes my name, address, and phone number in a book that claims I libeled or defamed him, after he has dismissed with prejudice a lawsuit against me for this very thing, I will consider it harassment of me, and a violation of the court order. Screw anything with a TOS violation – I will report it as the crime it is. And as he has been officially served with the order by his local Sheriff’s office, I can now report it as a crime to HIS local police.

        • Life conspires against a DUMBFUCK yet again.

          It sure would be a shame if one of William’s doxxing victims brought his latest drunken tantrum to the attention of his property management. After all, the police have already shown up there for him twice.

          Appearances, you know.

          • Again, I seem to have missed out on some developments. The police have had cause to visit William in his new home twice in the short time he has been there? Please explain. There are many reasons why, if this information is even correct, that it implies nothing untoward: William may for all I know make unusually good doughnuts.

          • He was served AglleDog’s no contact order. Twice, due to a clerical error.

            Sometimes clerical errors are awesome.

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