The Cabin Boy™ seems to think that by doxing random third parties he can extort someone into telling him the sekrit identity of “Paul Krendler.”TheMerryWidower201511132353Z

He can’t dox me because I’ve put too much information about myself out on the Interwebz, and even if he could, it wouldn’t do him any good. I don’t know who “Paul Krendler” really is, and I doubt that any of the people he’s threatening to dox do either.

brainsrhogeWhat I suspect will happen is that the Cabin Boy™ will buy himself more trouble than he can imagine. Folks have joked about him collecting restraining orders from all 50 states, but at the rate he’s going that may be the best case scenario for him. I also suspect that the zombie horde will rally together.  If the Cabin Boy™ is very, very lucky, they’ll stick to punching back only twice as hard. Flip? I doubt it. The reaction will probably be more like this—

So, in that sense, I’m Paul Krendler.

16 thoughts on “brainsrhoge

  1. Oh, William is now well into extortion territory under almost any definition.

    This is going to be extremely interesting – and lulzy – to watch, as stupid, crazy and drunk usually is. .

  2. Bribestortion. And I already said I’m the Krendler who doesn’t eat brains but does put mold on my salad and fungus on my pizza. I also put fungus on my salad.

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  3. He pulled this crap on me in February. Put private information, a picture of my house on twitter, listed my address and included my employer in his silly tweets. NOTHING negative has happened. More people read my blog, I’m writing more, and I’m having much more fun.

  4. Where did he ever pick this habit up? As far as I can tell, it has never worked and every time redounded to his discredit or trouble.

    • He’s emulating Anonymous.

      And remember, what ticks him off more than anything is the thought that his actions have consequences FOR HIM. He think other people have the same attitude.

  5. “I’ll get your supporters.” For doing what, Willie? For laughing at you? For holding you in contempt? Even if those were torts, which they are not, you don’t have the capacity to conduct a law suit., and you don’t have the money to hire a competent attorney. You have no influence, no clout, no power to disturb the tranquillity and success of our lives. You are as close to nothing as it is possible for a putative human to be without being an illusion. Now of course I may be wrong; you are friends with a convicted terrorist. So I suppose it is possible that you are stupid enough to advertise an intent to do illegal harm. If you do harm me or mine, then we shall see what remedies I can come up with. And Mr. Hoge is correct, if you harm others, those others will have my support.

  6. Bill doxed me (on the third try), and it helped earn him one of those 6 restraining orders. No sane person would continue on a path that has proven to have such negative consequences. No. Sane. Person. He was amusing. Then he became annoying. Now I consider him a threat, and will take steps as legally allowed to deal with him whenever he intrudes into my space again.

  7. I can’t believe how Quixotic he’s getting, and ultimately self-defeating. ‘Krendler’ obviously has some decent opsec and will power to burn. His commenters as well.

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