Starbucks and Christmas

The latest tempest in a teapot is about coffee or, rather, coffee cups. Some folks are upset that Starbucks is using plain red cups during the holiday season this year.Starbucks_Red_Holiday_Cups_2015


If anyone is really bothered by a plain red cup, I suggest that he do what I do and buy his coffee from a shop that sells good coffee in the first place.

UPDATE—Speaking of coffee cups and Christmas, check out the selection available at The Hogewash Store.

6 thoughts on “Starbucks and Christmas

  1. Roast your own.

    Been doing that for 5 or 6 years. Once a year or two I’ll have a half cup of paint thinner out of the urn at work to remind me why I bother.

  2. I have yet to see anyone on my social media feeds actually upset about this.

    Author Brad Torgersen posted on this just an hour ago:

    Folks, I really think social media is taking us for a ride with this one. My FB friends list is HIGHLY conservative and there are a LOT of people who are very touchy about pop culture subjects, and NOT ONE OF THEM has said even a single word about the so-called Starbucks coffee cup scandal. Not. One.

    Meanwhile, I have seen well over a dozen people *commenting* about the people supposedly “outraged” by the coffee cup. I myself have to keep asking, “Where is this outrage? Where is the controversy? Why am I not seeing my conservative Christian friends lighting this thing up?”

    Amazingly, the outrage doesn’t seem to exist. This appears to be a controversy about nothing, inflamed wholly within the social media sphere, for the sole sake of inflamation. Because apparently it’s a slow week, or something?
    Just like the Star Wars boycott: a fake event.

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