In Re Kimberlin v. Frey

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has sent what appears to be an ex parte letter to Judge Hazel whining about the discovery protective order issued in the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit.

popcorn4bkThe assertions in the letter are nonsensical. All the protective order prohibits is giving any discovery information marked “Confidential” to a third-party not directly involved in the LOLsuit. That means that TDPK is forbidden from leaking confidential information to “the press,” i.e., Bunny Boy Unread. In order for “the press” to challenge the order, 57F Osborne will have to hire a lawyer.


35 thoughts on “In Re Kimberlin v. Frey

  1. 1) Hasn’t Team Kimberlin denied the very existence of Team Kimberlin, let alone that Kimberlin himself is its source? It seems to me that it/he/they have.

    2) Where is Osborne going to get the money to appeal a Maryland order from Alabama?

    3) Most importantly, BWAHAHAHAHHAHA!

    • On the other hand, it is my understanding that a self-styled JOURNSLIST/ Pro Se Legal Warrior ha come into money lately, but he said that he wasn’t interested or involved in Kimberlin’s legal strategy an entire seven hours after he was.

  2. Unilaterally? TeamK won’t shut up about it. Of course, no one is interested in their remarks except for utility’s sake.

  3. Brett Kimberlin successfully asked for an entire case to be conducted under seal. Somehow, that didn’t stop “the press” from publishing information favorable to Kimberlin.

  4. Oh, where to begin? The Fourth Circuit’s opinion and order on this matter were issued in early March 2015, meaning Kimberlin had ample time to surface this while the motion for protective order was being briefed. The facts of the case before the Fourth Circuit don’t even bear a passing resemblance to those in Kimberlin v. Frey: criminal case (not civil), order issued sua sponte (not after full briefing with both sides having an opportunity to be heard), the gag order covered virtually all filings in the case and prohibited parties and court officers from discussing it at all (a cursory glance at PACER shows this is nowhere near true in the instant case), etc. etc. Kimberlin’s trying to pull one over on the Court again, and it damn well ought to be brought to the Honorable Court’s attention.

    • Even more than that, at the top of the page, the case says “Unpublished Opinion.” Unpublished opinions are not to be used as precedent.

    • Yeah I was gonna say “wait a second this is about a criminal trial.” I would imagine there is sustainably less vested public interest in civil matters, and substantially more confidential issues.

    • It is a criminal case. Neither the government nor the defendant opposed the motion to open the records.
      Frey’s case is a civil case. Frey opposes opening the records. There is no legitimate press interest in the case. There is no motion from an actual member of the press to open the records.

  5. 57F Osborne will have to hire a lawyer.

    Anybody seen Roger “The Legal Schnauzer” Shuler lately? I imagine he could use the work.

  6. On the assumption that “the press” is BBU, and they do find some money “under the velvet couch” or under the table and do try to get this over turned, how does that work? BK allegedly pulls the strings at BBU, so he’d be pulling strings as a 3rd party in the case?
    Surely that’s not allowed.
    Claiming that action will happen if it’s not overturned seems to me to be implying inside knowledge of that action.

    • Nah, the judge won’t mind him using a mouthpiece; still won’t tolerate the release of “Confidential” information but he’ll let BBU ramble on to his heart’s content.

  7. Losing your case? Rulings going against you? Threaten the judge with the press.

    This advice brought to you by Acme Legal.

  8. No one has yet to note the presumptuousness of Brett Kimberlin informing this Court that, “the case in now proceeding to trial.”

  9. This has placed me in an uncomfortable position …

    And why, exactly, should the judge care about that? Brett started this suit; he continues it. If it puts him in a position that he doesn’t like, he can drop it.

    • What is so uncomfortable about telling Bunny Boy/Wee Willy/Baghdad Blob “No comment”, or any press for that matter. Not that there is anyone other then that Team Kimberlin goons that would be interested.

    • Brett Kimberlin always has the option of not talking about the case. In fact, when Aaron Walker and John Hoge were discussing their involvement in the RICO madness case, Brett Kimberlin filed for a gag order preening indignantly that there was something untowards about a person in litigation ignoring the standard attorney’s advice to let his lawyer do all the talking.

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