What I Saw in Court Today

I’ll have a more detail report later, but here’s the Cliff’s Notes version—

Judge Mason felt that since the constitutionality issue will wind up in an appeals court, he severed the case against the State and ruled in the State’s favor to allow Aaron Walker to expedite his appeal.

He ruled that the claims against the Kimberlins for acts after 1 January, 2013, could proceed. Aaron Walker will file a suitably amended complaint within 15 days.

More details after lunch.

UPDATE—Actually, the hearings went rather quickly with one exception. There were exhibits attached to the Kimberlins’ motion to dismiss which were not served on Aaron Walker. The court took a recess to copy those exhibits and allow time for Aaron to examine them.

The only other out-of-the-ordinary moment occurred when Judge Mason had had enough interruptions from the defense table, and he warned that he would sanction the next person who spoke out of order.

UPDATE 2—This post is not about Ben Carson. If you want to comment about him, go here. Any further comment about Ben Carson and West Point submitted to this post will be trashed.

41 thoughts on “What I Saw in Court Today

  1. Since he doesn’t care about Aaron Walker, you can be sure that DUMBFUCK will be attacking him tonight, alongside NumberNone & BunnyBoy.

  2. Projected spin:
    “Walker loses case.”
    (Even though, that’s not what happened. This makes a certain amount of sense given the related but differing issues between the state and BK sides of the case, and the judge is right, it’s going to appeal no matter which side has one, so the status quo is to rule for the state and let the appeals courts sort it out.)

      • Not necessarily though. By ruling for the state the judge dodges the question on what to do with the law itself (i.e. he left it intact and doesn’t have to suspend it.)
        Easier from a paperwork side. Plus, this puts the onus to appeal in Aaron’s hands, rather than an automagical one by the state.

    • The Lord Haw Haw of the Axis of Pedophiles & Apologists is going to have a tough time spinning this. I’m hoping for more of a “Ha! Walker has fallen into Kimberlin’s trap. He will soon roll out his secret weapons/evidence and crush them all” approach but tsrblke probably hit the nail on the head.

      • Heh.

        Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@WMSchmalfeldt 11m11 minutes ago

        That’s how Aaron Walker WINS by LOSING! Get it? Me neither. @osborneink @whoisnumbernone @sub_aetha
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        Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@WMSchmalfeldt 16m16 minutes ago

        Judge: If I find you guilty you’ll just appeal it. So, to do you a favor, I will find you guilty as charged to expedite your appeal. #@logic

  3. Mr Hoge, i spent almost 20 minutes writing a very long and heartfelt comment that you deleted. When I began typing the comment, your demand hadn’t been posted yet. I would have certainly followed your rules if I had known them. Can you please post my deleted comment on the required thread.

  4. As I am no longer associated with Brett Kimberlin or aware of his legal dealings using this comment section as a vehicle to insult me is a useless endeavor and has as much to do with the lawsuit as Ben Carson. Y’all need to accept the reality that I am on my own, fighting my own battles, and if you are not a person involved in any of those battles might I ask for the courtesy to refrain from fanning the flames of hatred?

    I have as much right to comment on Hoge’s ridiculous logic as you all do to praise his depth of wisdom. I resign as your punching bag, whipping boy, judas goat, straw man, soap opera villain and any other meme you care to assign. I stand up for me. I speak for me. Not you, not BK, not anyone else. Me.

    Seriously, you folks need to learn to adapt to changing circumstances. I’m trying to. Doing my best, anyway.

    For the record, Mr. Hoge’s snide little shots at me are not particularly offensive. Stupid, ill-informed, but not offensive. The only person I have serious beef with at the moment is the person behind the character of Paul Krendler, and only because of his insistence that my late wife was a truck stop prostitute that I either murdered or neglected to death. THAT has to stop, and if anyone wants to pick up a quick $2,000 and you can prove who Krendler is, you can help me MAKE him stop and we can get on with our lives and at least TRY to be civil with each other.

    Hoge… I note that despite several opportunities to do so, in person or otherwise, you have not once offered a word of condolence for the loss of my wife. We recall that you tried to put me in jail for offering administrative assistance to your lovely wife, who I sincerely hope is doing well. Even people like Bus Pass Office offered condolences. And they were appreciated. There are several people who I will not embarrass by mentioning their names who read this blog every day with whom I have polite, civil, friendly online relationships. How about we try that sometime?

    I am never going to agree with your politics. But I have to believe that the vast majority of you think yourselves good and decent people. Do good and decent people refer to the recently deceased wives of their enemies of being truck stop prostitutes? Do they accuse grieving widowers of murdering or otherwise contributing to the death of the person they love more than life itself?

    (And don’t give me Stranahan unless you can show me a website where I offer [defamatory remark redacted—wjjhoge] Good. But the offer is still online for anyone who wants to see it.)

    Let me put it to you this way.

    If you got a bill in the mail that said you had to write a check for $2,000 or Krendler would stop profaning the memory of my late wife… would you pay it?

    If you know who Krendler is, and can prove it, and don’t take advantage of this offer, that’s exactly what you are doing. Tell your wives, kids, significant others that one anonymous monster’s right to throw slime at a grieving widower was more important than the $2,000 you were offered to help make him stop.

    That’s all I want. For him to stop. And I should not have to sit here and take its abuse for two weeks without complaint, which is what it demands.

    Think about it.

    Now, send in the trolls.

    • A snitch is a snitch no matter what the payoff!

      You will always be on the outside looking in, Mr. Parvocampus, just as you always have been. It is why the role of Snitch fits you so well. As a self-appointed monitor of whatever, you have covered yourself in glory by all the snitching you have done; except where I come from, we call it pigshit!

      Be well,

    • “As I am no longer associated with Brett Kimberlin or aware of his legal dealings…”

      LOL! Good one Parvo. That might be the funniest thing you’ve ever written.

      • And Bill Schmalfeldt wrote the tweets above in Pablo’s comment at 11:46 AM on Nov 6. Exactly how many minutes seconds was this after the hearing with Brett Kimberlin finished?

        Almost 11 hours later The BLOB writes, “As I am no longer associated with Brett Kimberlin or aware of his legal dealings

        Yes, he is “unaware” – but that better describes him, not the Pedobomber’s legal dealings.

      • What is sort of interesting here is that this is, almost, exactly how one of America’s most famous lawyers won one of his most famous cases.

        Look up Clarence Darrow and the Scopes Monkey Trial. Mr Darrow needed to lose the trial so that he could get Tennessee’s law about teaching evolution declared unconstitutional on the appeal. If he had won the case, it would only have meant that Mr Scopes wasn’t guilty of teaching evolution. The law would have remained on the books.

    • Just a quick point. Bill Schmalfeldt’s “association” with Brett Kimberlin ends at some point after Bill Schmalfeldt acknowledges, recants, repudiates, apologizes and provides restitution for shilling for Brett Kimberlin. Otherwise, Bill Schmalfeldt’s actions of 2012, 2013, 2014, and early 2015 carry on into the future.

      In the language of Bill Schmalfeldt, in the language of feces, his days as the mouthpiece for Brett Kimberlin isn’t a giant turd he can simply flush down the toilet after wiping his hinny. It doesn’t work that way. Nor, after his targeting of Mrs. Stranahan, Mrs. Hoge, Mrs. Hinkley, and others, can he claim any moral authority to demand his wife be left out of this.

      • I would note, also, that Bill Schmalfeldt isn’t merely demanding his wife he left out of it. He is demanding that we internalize his feelings of persecution and victimization. We shouldn’t participate in that program simply because it is not true. Even if it were true, which it is not, it would still be immoral to accede to his demands because that would be tantamount to cooperating with his illness. Nor, would it be a practical suggestion. Bill Schmalfeldt’s intention is to start with Paul Krendler. He has no intention of stopping, ever. If, heaven forbid, he somehow “got” Krendler, he’d just move on John Hoge or Patrick Grady. We’d still be hearing the exact same demands spoken in the exact same tones of grievance. SSDD.

  5. “As I am no longer associated with Brett Kimberlin or aware of his legal dealings ..”

    What a difference eight hours makes!

    William doesn’t even recognize his own lies anymore. That’s not a good sign about his mental health.

    Who am I kidding? It’s a hilarious sign about his mental health

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