Reward Claimed!

wms201511060015Zwms201511060017ZI hereby claim half the reward. The other half should go to Brett Kimberlin for outing me in his Kimberlin v. Team Themis, et al. RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit complaint.ECF 1-58

I should get my share for verifying my address and phone number. They are are 20 Ridge Road, Westminster, Maryland  21157, and (410) 596-2854. Since I don’t have a SEEKRIT SITE, I cannot provide a non-existent password.

Failure to pay the reward forthwith will be considered proof by the Cabin Boy™ that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is lying in his complaint.


UPDATE 2—The Cabin Boy™ has verified in a comment below that he won’t honor his reward offer. Furthermore, under the conditions outlined above, he appears to confirm that Brett Kimberlin lied in his RICO 2 complaint.

UPDATE 3—Perhaps the Gentle Reader is wondering why the Cabin Boy™ offered the reward. One might guess that he feels flush with insurance cash, but I don’t think that’s the reason. I think he’s taken a page out of the Team Kimberlin playbook of offering a reward with no intention of paying. I’ll bet he believes that the “reward” gives him a basis for saying that some anonymous person ratted out [insert harassment target’s name here] as Krendler and that it provides cover for his next faildox.

63 thoughts on “Reward Claimed!

  1. William will welch. Schizophrenia, after all, means never having to say that your sorry.

    On the other hand, it’s nice to see Gail controlling his impulse spending from the Great Hereafter. And letting him know what time it is.

  2. This is also proof that BS purposefully and maliciously sued the wrong people in the past, when he accused them of being Krendler, with no evidence whatsoever, other than his delusions and feldtcharts.

  3. Man, it seems like just an hour or so ago he was certain that you’re Lynn Thomas.

    That boy is a gotdang moe-ron.

  4. What if I report myself as “Paul Krendler?” Can I get the reward?

    A few extra Benjamins are always nice around the holidays….

    • Didn’t William say that he was Paul Krendler just last week? It seems to me that he wrote a book about it and everything.

      Right. He was lying. Again.

      But I’m SURE he’ll pay out the thousand dollars that he’ll have already spent.

  5. Damn he’s a stupid man. But I still say he won’t pay up because he is a liar and loser at life.

    Come on Bill, prove everyone wrong. Pay what you owe unlike your most excellent Pedo hero.

  6. Bill,
    You are not only a liar, but an idiot. It’s a “cashier’s” check. Proving you don’t intend to pay, since you never secured one.

    • A cashier’s check must have a Payee named at the time of issuance. You can’t get a cashier’s check payable to Cash. A money order may be purchased without the payee completed.

  7. There is no way Bill is going to part with that much money (think of all the Johnny Walker Red it could buy!).

  8. Evil is as evil does. And evil rules on your blog, Mr. Hoge. I have nothing to do with Kimberlin’s claims and as shabby as “Krendler’s:” writing is, yours is far worse. Your little shots and digs at me are beneath a man who claims to be a dignified Christian, BK’s business is his. Mine is mine, and our worlds have not intersected since the last time I sent you home empty handed from court. I moved to get away from all the Hoge-inspired “Sturm und drang.” But you, sir, are a vile cur and a hypocrite and liar. You’ll get your reward, But it will not be from me, you decrepit, foolish old man,

    • Poor widdle biwwy, all butt-hurt again. He moved to get away from all the crap he buried himself in, only to start burying himself somewhere saner than Maryland. If you really wanted to “get away from it all”, you would quit with your faildoxxing and attempts at bribery. “I’ll give you a thousand bucks if you give me everything I need to illegally torment one of your friends instead of illegally tormenting all these complete innocents that I’ll keep illegally tormenting unless you let me illegally torment your friend (breath) now give me all the pertinent information because I won’t quit being impertinent.”

    • Prediction:

      In two months, the $9,000.00 that you claim were recently paid to you in insurance monies from your recently deceased wife will be gone, foolishly spent on trivial items and junk including Johnny Walker Red. You will have been forced to leave the Nunnery because of the misrepresentations and falsehoods when you first applied for residence. Of course, your predilection for young boys will be a major determining factor in your being evicted from the premises. Your friends will commiserate, but none will help you financially. You are destined to become one of your favorite characters, namely “Aqualung”, whom you criminally misappropriated from Jethro Tull without paying any royalties.

      This will be a very tough winter for you.

      Be well.

    • 1. I called it. Bill is too much of a liar and loser to actually pay his debts. Just like his Pedo hero.

      2. Bill, when a man is offering to pray for your wife’s immortal soul don’t you feel the least bit sleazy lying to him? Or are you so morally bankrupt that it doesn’t even bother you anymore?

    • “I moved to get away from all the Hoge-inspired “Sturm und drang.””

      And yet you WON’T IGNORE HIM. Stop searching out the butt hurt, and you won’t be butt hurt.

    • all brave and bold tonight eh Shaky? Must be that “Creme Soda” flowing more freely since that insurance check was cashed.

    • Bill, Bill, Bill! Do you seriously want us to take your good-Krendler-bad-Hoge posturing seriously? In case you have forgotten, Paul Krendler parodied your late wife as a truck stop dolly, and sub-minimum wage worker. You should note that the two claims were far from mutually exclusive. By your own account, John Hoge has subjected you to “little shots and digs.” For all your blather and outrage over the “defamation” of your late wife, you once again show yourself to a shallow narcissistic ass. Once again it is all about you. Apparently, tweeking your beak is worse than calling your late wife a whore. That’s what you just said.

      It’s particularly rich for you to write, “Evil is as evil does.” You might find it illuminating to examine your actions from that perspective. The point is that you won’t.

      In case you have forgotten, you were once editor of BBU, and, the host of a daily podcast. There, you did for Brett Kimberlin what Joseph Geobbels did for Adolph Hitler. Do you think you are Emily Latella?

      Now, Bill I’m sure there were certain gentlemen who would have liked to argued that they resigned from Nazi party on April 30th, 1945, but, I don’t think the judges at Nuremberg would be particularly impressed. You are going to be accountable for your actions until the day you die, and, perhaps longer.

      John Hoge is getting on in years. And, he has done foolish things. But, do you really want to dwell on the fact that he repeatedly gave you the benefit of the doubt? I wouldn’t have.

    • What was that quote? Something about you should leave BK alone? Or your interest in BK causes all this calamity? I am sure someone has the screen cap and exact words. But “BK’s business is his, Mine is mine….” Must be opposite day.

      You move away to get away from Hoge, yet here you are on his website posting directly to him, despite being told to not contact him. Must be opposite day.

    • Where is the evil? Your head is full of big words that you string together, but there is no meaning. It’s all gibberish.

  9. If someone contacts him anonymously how will he know to whom to send the money?

    Or is that where the Clark Kent-level of investigative journalism kicks in?

  10. I know I’m not the most regular of commenters here, but when do I get a shot at being Krendler?

    Is there a sign-up sheet circulating around, or what?

  11. I hereby offer one million dollars to anyone who contacts me anonymously to claim it. Of course, anyone who gives me any contact information for me to give them the money is no longer anonymous and thus no longer eligible for the reward I totally would pay out of funds I totally do have.

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