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Last week, great fun was had following the publication of Confession of an Undercover Internet Troll. The Vast Hogewash! Research Organization scours the Interwebz for interesting bits of data concerning Team Kimberlin. Recently, a member of the VHRO found this file:

popcorn4bkIt’s the Introduction and first chapter of Confessions as read by the author. Enjoy it quickly, before Anonymous takes it down.

The voiceprint analysis was intriguing.

BTW, here’s the Blogspot page mentioned at the end of the audio track.


Did someone say something about OPSEC?

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  1. What a dumbass!!! He should have had somebody else read this book from “Anonymous.” He can’t filter out his vocal signature from these things, so it’s more than obvious who is reading the book he wrote. The really BIG Question that Fat Willie needs to consider before recording anymore of these chapters is: WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THIS BOOK, WHO WROTE IT and RECORDED IT?? If a no talent hack writes/steals/compiles a few pages into a book and nobody gives a shit, WILL HE GO AWAY??

    The gig has been up for some time on this idiotic stunt, i guess the Cabin Boy is just too ‘stupid’ to realize it. The local Sack & Save has been running a special on Johnny Walker Red Label, so ‘drunk’ could explain it too.

  2. Bill has used that Reluctant Human cover before, hasn’t he? He just hasn’t updated the description with the “My wife was killed by those mean RWNJs” yet.

    • Voiceprint analysis is admissible in the federal courts of the 7th Circuit which includes Wisconsin and which would have jurisdiction over copyright infringement occurring in that state.

      • That’s good news, but why would I sue him? He judgment proof, a gold mine of LULZ, and he’s working harder to publicize my material than I ever have.

        Plus I would have to travel to the 7th Circuit to file in his jurisdiction.

        I just don’t see an upside…

        • I agree. It’s far more entertaining to watch him relentlessly scheme and fail. I like to watch the monkey dance.

          • I find it hilarious that Hoge is being accused of cowardice by someone hiding behind TOR.

          • Here’s a really good idea for a future post, WJJH.

            Compare and contrast the IP addresses of these sock-puppet comments with the IP from William’s known comments in previous posts.

            I’d wager that they’re strikingly similar! Schmalfeldt is so brazen in his congenital dishonesty that he does virtually nothing to disguise it.

        • You forgot to draw arrows and write a comment in large capital letters in red so it could not miss it.

      • BWAHAHAHAHAHA Oh, Hoggy, you cowardly blowhard. Your bullshit is showing.


    • I don’t need any voice print analysis to recognize Bill’s annoying voice in that mp3. His feeble attempt to disguise it might work for a non-native English speaking person, but his cadence and labored breathing give it away.

      I wonder if he tried to use this trick to tell Sheriff’s Deputy Smoot that he wasn’t home? It didn’t work, if he did.

    • Stupid? So if the people that have repeatedly beat him like a rented mule in court are stupid what does that make Bill?

    • After i downloaded–using secure methods–that mp3 file last night, started to listen to it, had to stop because my little dog went bat s$&t crazy over it. I call him my little dog–he is 100 plus pounds of pit bull mixed breed–because he is not the biggest dog in the neighborhood. Believe me when he made it clear to turn it off I turned it off.

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt just called me, pretending to be William Crossley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel or someone pretending to be Bill Schmalfeldt pretending to be William Crossley.

    the conversation

    Hi, I’m William Crossley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, is this eric Johnson?

    we are doing a piece about the harassment and your contacts with bill Schmalfeldt

    I said I never ever have directly contacted Bill Schmalfeldt – now he has called me including this phone call – Hi Bill (then I started laughing – pretend Bill or real Bill didn’t like the laughter)

    Then Real or pretend Bill said “are you always this paranoid?”

    repeated by me, hey I recognize you Bill (more laughter)

    “Oh are you always this paranoid wow, look at the call back number this is William Crossley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wow are you ever paranoid” ( or words to that effect)

    I replied – sure its you Bill, look have someone else call me and verify that this is indeed the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    then I laughed and hung up (actually real or pretend bill hung up to my howls..)

    45 minutes no other phone call (he must still be begging his sister or Peter to call….)

    Oh BTW now that you called my land line, the record of the call can be traced and if you were clever to have purchased a burner phone, they record the credit card or its on camera at the location so you are screwed, real or pretend Bill

    I never filed charges against you Bill because I thought you were a source of joy for your gravely ill wife and I thought I saw signs that despite everything that you were deep down there was a shred a hope that you would stop and go forward with your life. But then you started in on people only because you could identify them and they really didn’t bother you.

    Do you really want me too? Don’t think it won’t happen. I lived in the middle east for six years and more on and off in Jakarta, I have faced much bigger enemies than you with my indirect association with the military and the military academies and the dreaded oil industry so if you really want my attention……………………?

    Do you?

    • A very quick search of the website of that paper doesn’t seem to show a reporter of that name. Have to wonder how a newspaper would like to find out that someone is pretending to work for them in order to harass?

      • they want the phone number……………………………………………………..

        muhawhawhaw VOIP is traceable BTW

        • Not to mention, it’s a federal fraud case potentially…

          He -did- want to be a defendant in a federal case really badly…

          At least this way, he can get a lawyer.

    • Holy crap. TK really is filled with really stupid people. I know Bill has lied about being a reporter with the Baltimore Sun before so it’s not too far fetched to believe he’d lie about being a reporter with another paper.

      How about it Bill? Care to comment here and make a definitive statement that it wasn’t you? You can comment as Anonymous if you want. Bwahahahahahahaha

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  5. This is just awesome. I finished a bag of chips and some Dr. Pepper, now I’m moving on to popcorn!
    1. In his latest web droppings, linked above, Bill claims that John violated the settlement agreement by posting a page from a blog by “Anonymous.” That Hogwash post was dated 3 November 2015.
    2. Bill denied authorship of the book.
    3. It was not until November 23, almost THREE WEEKS after the Hogwash post, that Bill admitted authorship, here: (he also admits that he is Krendler in this link)

    Guess what? There is a legal doctrine known as detrimental reliance. That means if you lie to someone, and they rely on that lie, you cannot hold them responsible for the consequences.

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