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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has not yet abandoned his lawfare. Therefore, the coverage of his shenanigans will continue. I expect some more interesting developments an a couple of the pending lawsuits this week.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Bunny Unemployed is writing a silly lulz article on all of us this week is Aaron’s turn to be defamed:

    Some wonderfully 100% inaccurate statements:

    In fact, Walker once tried and failed to sue this website for calling him a “useless attorney,” which is a sure sign of just how useless he really is

    Walker first tried to assist Allen anonymously and unofficially, but he was licensed to practice law in Virginia, not Maryland, and his amateur-hour shenanigans quickly unraveled.

    and then allegedly struck Kimberlin with his fist, a charge that Walker denies

    we could argue back and forth but the truth is that Matt Osborne works directly for a pedophole bomber, associates himself closely with a adjudicated serial harasser Bill Schmalfeldt who also produces child porn for sale.

    The cool thing about Matt is that he thinks people take him seriously, and he wants to be sued.

    That is why he is writing this because things right now at the Kimbercasa maybe reeking of fear pee.

  2. To be fair, BU was briefly included as a defendant in a lawsuit. However, continuing to recite Brett Kimberlin’s stories about unlicensed practice of law and assault are clear tells about who is the real boss at that website.

    Kimberlin has filed complaints about Aaron Walker’s legal advice to others, including me, but Aaron is a licensed attorney in Virginia and DC, and that’s where he gives advice. Every court to which Kimberlin has complained has found his complaining baseless.

    Kimberlin’s myth about the assault was found to be false by the District Court during the final hearing for the first peace order he sought against Aaron. That was confirmed by the Circuit Court when the order was overturned on appeal. Aaron’s statements that Kimberlin had tried to frame him for the crime of assault were one of bases of the defamation claims in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance LOLsuit—which Kimberlin lost. The imaginary assault was the basis for one of alleged RICO predicate acts in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness LOLsuit—which was dismissed with prejudice.

    It’s been almost four years, and Brett Kimberlin hasn’t been able to produce a shred of credible evidence that any assault occurred. Meanwhile, the court surveillance video exists and shows that no assault occurred. It’s almost enough to convince some folks that Brett Kimberlin and Breitbart Unmasked are liars.

    • My understanding was that BU was sued as apart of kimberlins property not really as a separate entity. But there were more 100% inaccurate statements in the latest droolings from the shame of the Osborne family

    • As for treading lightly, BS is trying to goad someone into suing him so he can counter. Failing that, he will probably continue to file butthurt complaints with various police departments, all of whom are undoubtedly on notice that he is a deranged cyberstalker with 6 restraining orders to his name. Looks likehe’s trying for more.

    • Bill,

      We archived the fact you were broadcasting child porn from their premises, hope you realize that the problems you face are not created by me, but by you.

      I didn’t force you to write child porn while Gail was so ill, I didn’t force you to violate the kindness that property and its charitable 501c3 has shown you, and the local community can and will be outraged to hear the content you are spewing.

      Good luck with all of that, you brought it on yourself, your 100% doing.

      One day, in a van down by the river, I hope you realize the harm you have done to yourself and others

      Be well

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